Rebecca sugar says she won’t continue SU in comics.

Part of me is sad but part of me gets wanting a change from a project you’ve been doing for *years*.

Plus side, nothing is stopping the fandom from making fan comics if folks wanna.

So the Steven universe future ending was a thing.

It’s so weird to think there’s no more episodes tbh.

Fun fact I played the Wayward alpha when it was a browser game. It was too hard in a way that I went back too then got annoyed with.

Now I get annoyed but keep trying. XP

I think the multiplayer mode for Wayward is either much easier or harder.

Kinda wanna try it sometime. Perhaps with random ppl too online bc like worst they can do is annoy me into quitting that world.

‪I’m currently playing Wayward which is sorta like Minecraft but with more emphasis on *survival* crafting.‬

‪It’s also really ruddy hard if you’re me even on the ‘causal’ mode. But I keep coming back because when you make progress it feels like a real achievement.‬

Hi folks, does anyone have any anime recommendations? / details in toot 

im gonna play Daggerfall soon bc it’s on the internet archive.

I am very excited.

I know countless people go on about how great Archive is, but if you have an okay internet connection and are trying to fill your time, but your anxiety is interrupting reading or non-interactive mediums, there are a lot of interesting/cool/old/weird dos games you can play through your browser:

I saw that my childhood fave Hocus Pocus was on there before, so yeah, lots of fun that's freely available if you have an internet connection.

A screenshot of the caves of qud world map, just needed this posted online to use it as a reference.

Jazz just made the reference 'a leopard can't change his spots'

and another autobot didn't get it.

this *is* a fanfic

the voices in Espionage!!!!! are so good. by good i mean *hilarious*.

Also they're using a plot where Starscream pretends to defect and I think I've read this in more than one fic.

what I find fascinating about g1 book art is how much it varies.

Some artists keep strictly to how they toys appear, but some use the cartoon designs.

Some art uses a painted style whereas some uses block color.

Some art gives the transformers little in the way of expression, other art makes them very expressive.

Then there's when Earl Noren sometimes gives car altmodes eyes in the headlights.
got my images from here btw

its full of scans and audio recordings from g1 books.

sadly the links to the 'choose your fate' books no longer works.

Art from the 'big looker, battle for cybertron book'.
the Artist is Earl Norem.
This is ruddy beautiful work imo.

So I always assumed the wine in came from grapes. Apparently it's a fungi secretion.

There’s already been a post abt this game, but seedship is really good. It’s about trying to find humanity a new home after earth.

It’s challenging in a fun way, will you save earths cultural or scientific knowledge from a meteor?

Do you risk damaging your planetary temperature scanners or a random part of the ship?

My highest score was 11792

Worker exploitation / War for cybertron cartoon / PSA 

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