re: Thoughts on fandom, shipping and misogyny in transfomers fandom 

Thoughts on fandom, shipping and misogyny in transfomers fandom 

*flops over* I streamed. Minecraft glitched. I am tired now.

‪Minecraft seems to have stopped glitching? So I’ll stream for a bit longer.‬
‪Survival and some creative building, whatever I feel like X3‬


Gonna stream Minecraft for a bit, I’m fiddling with Redstone, farms and whatnot.
Resource pack is called Jicklus.
So I did a video about the bee update. Or more accurately, me fumbling through said update :P


The g1 cartoon continuity is like a sock with loads of holes in.

Some folks like to fill up the holes with their fics, others say ‘I’m gonna make five new socks and they’re all gay’

Birds of prey thoughts 

The zoo I'm making in Minecraft 


I'll likely go back to Morrowind, but right now, I am really into Minecraft.

So they'll be a fair bit of Minecraft posting XP

It's fun how characters you role play with a group after a while become both beloved and there's just tonnes of in group jokes.

There's just a wonderful social dynamic to good character role play/group roleplay.

I think my characters biggest in game expense is buying new books to read.

I just love lore honestly XD

Visited the library of Vivec today, despite being a huge bookworm for ingame books, I somehow forgot to read any of them.


Thoughts I have on the Pixar Cars movies 

in morrowind there’s so many character greetings like

‘what do you want outlander?’

And I want to answer

‘You to stop blocking this corridor!’

NPCs seem to block doorways, corridors and at one point, me picking mushrooms for no good reason XP

Racism / colonialism / elder scrolls meta 

Food mention / silly elder scrolls post 

It also gives the names to the art team who worked on Morrowind in the last page. Each image isn’t credited to an individual, but it’s important that their names are known imo.

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