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Trying something new this time. Instead of a new anthro species for 5e, it's an expansion of new subrace choices for one from several months ago.

Equinoi of Myth and Legend adds three new mythological options to the Equinoi


It's been 2 weeks, you know what that means! New stuff funded by the Patreon: Anthro kangaroo folk, with just a touch of weird fiction:


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Ever wonder where wizards get all that pipe weed from?
Turns out it's from anthro skunks.
Free player species for 5e available now from Malachite Idol.


Here's my homebrew Anthro Salamanders for 5e:
The LGBT themes were running a little thin in my stuff lately, but now it's back! Yay!

I've been kind of neglecting mastodon, but I'm gonna try to do better.

Anyway here's some anthro pangolins for 5e! (plus almost two dozen other player species on the website)


Website is live!

Six 5e homebrew races for y'all furries out there and more to come, plus some GM theory blogging!


If I finish all that and still have words to write, it's on to player bakeneko

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Today I write about pirates.

Then a hunting related feat.

Then another feat of as yet unknown subject.

Then I finally, FINALLY finish that battlemap.

Aiming for a pro-level wordcount today.

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Getting another blog post in the bag in a series about D&D stuff that I'm gonna post inspired by certain skyrim alternate combat defeat mods.

The posts aren't actually horny and can be handy for general use, but they're also super useful for a horny D&D game where PCs get tied up a lot.

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Maruts out, nuts out

Mephits out, tits out

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Warlock out with your cock out, send toot

I'm still debating on whether I should stick to monochrome or add a second shade of blue for water, though.

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Most of the way done with my TSR Blue style map rendering of the drawing I made to break in my new graph paper, which grew and transformed into the inspiration for and a large release in my upcoming Patreon!

In the past year I decided I should start actually polishing up an producing my homebrew content and share it around instead of just making more and leaving it on a hard drive until the system it's for becomes unpopular *cough Fantasy Craft cough*
Plus patreon is good for this kind of thing, so I'll do that soon for people willing to pay so everyone gets more of it faster. Sort of like the Public Radio model.

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