Why is not a at all.

In 1952, Roger defined the game activity with six core characteristics (see Man, and Games book). Will consider these characteristics in relation to MMORPG.


* Free translation from Russian of the part of Belozerov Sergey’s scientific work VIRTUAL WORLDS OF MMORPG: PART I. DEFINITION, DESCRIPTION, CLASSIFICATION
* Thanks coolcono for the corrections.

Some russian made the reverse-engineering of & : of client and called it . There's even and ratings.


Works with crashes, but it works. I think, someday, can strike it, because original patched used there. But, in any case, there's unlocked hot-seat mode, and you can play with yourself:) Great app for those who like this game.

@Provinto After Forever Alone you become Infinite Alone🤣​

In fact, it's specific setting of tabletop.social, as I see. Usually, user could hide followers, but this one allows hide its count also.

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