Regardless of dev's "revenue", I see another problem: decreased demand for HW components can cause a rise of prices, and will affect related industries, such as CGi for instance.
Of course, #Google plans cloud rendering, and I'm sure anything else "cloudy". But in this case, we all will being "slaves" of Google. Google will control literally every aspect of your private and business life: behavior, habits, ideas, money, health. #games #market #GPU #finance #technology

Why is not a at all.

In 1952, Roger defined the game activity with six core characteristics (see Man, and Games book). Will consider these characteristics in relation to MMORPG.

* Free translation from Russian of the part of Belozerov Sergey’s scientific work VIRTUAL WORLDS OF MMORPG: PART I. DEFINITION, DESCRIPTION, CLASSIFICATION
* Thanks coolcono for the corrections.

Some russian made the reverse-engineering of & : of client and called it . There's even and ratings.

Works with crashes, but it works. I think, someday, can strike it, because original patched used there. But, in any case, there's unlocked hot-seat mode, and you can play with yourself:) Great app for those who like this game.

@Provinto After Forever Alone you become Infinite Alone🤣​

In fact, it's specific setting of, as I see. Usually, user could hide followers, but this one allows hide its count also.

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