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Contemplating starting my climb of this seasons ladder in , I think I may have a fast build worked out for best of one.

Challenger Deck 2019 πŸ”₯ Lightning Aggro πŸ”₯ UNDEFEATED

This beat is actually pretty sick.
Watch ""PICKLE RICK" β€” Remixing Rick & Morty with the OP-1 (and a jar of pickles)" on YouTube

Alternative teaser for the next set. Sent to me by my not-dimir spies.
Pewdiepie vs magic arena, nexus of fate ban and a huge ad fail from channelfireball….

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Channel fireball discussing banning Nexus of Fate. LOL, there is no discussion here. On the arena platform NoF is too easy to attain, creating matches that suck the life out of the game. Here is what to do with NoF:

Standard: Ban it on arena, restrict to single in paper.
Vintage/legacy/modern: restricted to single

Update the cards Oracle text to only let it be shuffled back into the library IF THE SPELL RESOLVES (allowing it to be shuffled when cast from other places such as exile.)

So, call TMZ, I caught the Fresh Prince himself slow playing matches in . That's not getting jiggy with it at all Will.

making big money by cleaning out my washing machine filter and polishing off a nice euro and 20 cents

Going up against someone in with a username that really shouldn't be a username? Send your screens to
Send funny ones to, mark them as funny please, leave your username/handle if you want credit. Mark private to stay anonymous.

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🎡You came and you gave me some singles🎡
🎡But you took all my gems away, oh !...🎡

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