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Mastodon.social now silenced on TTsoc 

Here are tabletop.social we really appreciate the moderation coming from mastodon.social, like a lot.

The mastodon project is well funded (masotodon.social instance and the project are not separated) and yet the Mods are not paid properly.

So until we are sure that something is done to get the mods paid a living wage, we will keep them silenced.

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Rant about not being able to paint miniatures 

It looks like I have a real problem with this: I've been hoarding miniatures for years and I can't seem to start painting again.

I have a pretty much abandoned account at CoolMiniOrNot ( coolminiornot.com/artist/Lordt ) where I uploaded pictures. But I think I'm one of those people that can't paint if I can't play. And it's been a lot of years since the last time I played something.

tl;dr I can't paint miniatures because I can't play with them

Well, this will be my
Greetings, I'm Enrique a.k.a. Lordtaku on the net since I started web-browsing on 1998.

I love tabletop games (I'm a minis junkie), rpgs, comic (from anywhere), painting and sculpting miniatures and mainly procrastinate about all those things.

When I'm not working on awful jobs I'm wasting time on mmorpgs (I've played World of Warcraft since 2007 but this past year Final Fantasy XIV got me good).

Also people says they like how I cook but people are crazy.

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