I'm back! At least for some time. And I made my first Rage comic :D

P&P Weekend. Yesterday I played - a Steampunk P&P in a industrial setting, with old elementary magic but also with technology like mechanical arms. The GM mastered well and it was entertaining with our little group that haven't seen each other for 2.5 years. Today I played with a group I see every 2-3 months. I'd rather see them less, because the group stresses me out sometimes. But the story is just too entertaining..

I remember now why social media is dangerous for me. I really liked complaining on FB when I felt sick, exhausted or sad for no reason at all. But giving in into those feelings often made it worse. It was like an addiction.
But yes. I feel pretty exhausted now. Glad I'm on my way home.
What are your ways to relax?

Played "Prison Break" this sunday. It's the first Riddle of Escape Room: escaperoomthegame.com/
It was very easy. Only the final riddle gave us some thinkig. At last we guessed the answer - and it was right. That was quite more frustrating than the easy puzzles before... I guess, I'll always prefer "Exit" when it comes to Escape Room Riddles: exit-das-spiel.de/

Playing having a lot of fun with the story. Unser GM erzählt Geschichten und Szenen so detailliert, dass man richtiggehend darin aufgeht :d20: :sabre: :shark_think:

@Levania Regardless of using it as a blog, that campaignwiki site seems pretty handy. I use ReamWorks & Tiddlywiki at the moment, and this seems like a kind of stripped down implementation of those ideas. Also, more easily shareable.

This weekend I played an 'Escape Room in a Box': escaperoominabox.com/en-us
I didn't enjoy it very much. I really like guidance when I solve riddles. This one had just a lot of loose stuff and paper. And I simply didn't know what I needed to do to progress. In the End I consulted the Solution-Guide a lot, that was quite frustrating. Maybe I was too tired or I'm too much into these: exit-das-spiel.de/content/
Or maybe I just prefer Pen & Paper where you can solve riddles the GM guides you through.

Hi, I'm new on Mastodon - and quite excited to see all the new stuff here! I'm from switzerland and I love boardgames and Pen&Paper (totally into Cthulhu and an old form of Dungeon&Dragons!).

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