Ironsworn is a great game. Not really easy because it requires a lot of imagination but when you know the basics of both setting and rules, the game is really fluid.

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Currently playing . I'm about to have my first fight

On my way to buy some rpg books. 👍

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Onym just happened to cross my radar: ostensibly a curated list of tools and resources for naming things, but it contains a wealth of links to numerous sites of interest to linguists and language-freaks in general:

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Unemployed, week 10, electricity is out in the kitchen, no $ to get it fixed. votive candle lantern, phosphor bronze and stainless steel. Asking $150, will take best offer plus shipping. or$tarlimanjoppos Please Boost

I have decided to create one PC for each RPG that I own. It's a fun way to rediscover some games I had forgotten.

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A little self-promotion:

I just released the early access / beta version of my tabletop RPG, THIRSTY SWORD LESBIANS!

It's a feelings-focused game of crossing swords and falling in love, a celebration of queer power and affection!

If you're interested, please check it out at

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It was fun to do. Maybe I will do the same for the Edge of the Empire demo kit.

@howto I hope it's the right account for asking my question. I have a hashtag which doesn't work because it begins with a number ( example: How can I make it work?

I'm working on a cool subject for a blog post: what do I know about the Forgotten Realms after have only read the starter set for D&D5

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I've got three weeks to find a job before I lose my backup plan to foreclosure, and another month past that before I lose my home. I need gas money to get to job interviews. I'm eating the shipping on these bracelets to try and cover that. If you don't wear or these aren't your style, please boost. They're anodized aluminum, brass, bronze, and stainless steel, all 7 inches, and all $15 to or$tarlimanjoppos

Si quelqu'un lit le français et cherche du matos pour Trône de Fer, j'ai remis à dispo des aides de jeu:

Just received 😀 demo kit for d&d, force and destiny and the deck of fate.

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if ANYONE has a room in seattle-ish area please contact me IMMEDIATELY

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@toriandyr but also fyi for other folks who can't help but for their games this is an incredible resource:

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