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we’re extremely poor and hungry and it’s our last night together before kev goes home to wales for a lil bit (i’m SAD) and it’d be nice to get a last meal in together. i’d appreciate all the help we can get 💕💕💕

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Hi, I'm Awashe! I absolutely love RPGs and creating characters and their backstories but new to tabletop esp d&d! Never tried it tho but would love to!

I'm currently taking online school so I have a lot free time on my hands! I would prob post character art here. I'm interested joining any online campaign, if there is any? 😅

Anyway, nice to meet ya! ✨

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In the past year I decided I should start actually polishing up an producing my homebrew content and share it around instead of just making more and leaving it on a hard drive until the system it's for becomes unpopular *cough Fantasy Craft cough*
Plus patreon is good for this kind of thing, so I'll do that soon for people willing to pay so everyone gets more of it faster. Sort of like the Public Radio model.

Hi , I'm Jessie.
I wanted to try something new and it seems to be the right place.

I play video games ( Mainly Battlefield and Paladins ) .
I really love Photography .
I'm Pansexual :heart_pan:
That's all for now :D

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