Self-Promo - Game Jam 

Game Jam!

I'm hosting a jam on itch for making micro ttrpg's or print-and-play games about keepsakes!

It's start March 13th and will run for a month.

Please share!

Picked some indie ttrpg's from my FLGS the other day! Excited to dig into these!

Have you played these?

Ominous Blessing: 12-Word RPG Collection. Self-Promo 

This is a collection of 3 12-word rpg's that I submitted to the 12-word RPG Jam.

The games included are:

The Goatman: A solo horror ttrpg about getting lost in the woods on the American east coast with the Goatman.

Self-Care Curse: A solo ttrpg about a witch who has cursed you to speak or write positively about yourself in verse.

Raze: A map-unmaking game about destroying what you have built.

TTRPG Self Promo 

Deathspeaker is a tiny solo journaling game that fits on a single card. It's about being a sad neck that talks with the dead. I made it for The Game Crafter Single Card Contest.

Check it out here (PWYW):

If you think this game is cool and you have a TGC account, please consider voting for it here:

I finished the design for my entry to the single card contest at The Game Crafter.

I'm open to any thoughts or feedback that folks have.

Did you make something for this contest?

New TTRPG, self-promo, cw: drawing showing blood, spider eyes, and snake eyes 

I just released a new made for a game jam called The Serpent and The Spider!

It's a 2-player game about a charismatic sword-wielder and a highly intelligent necromancer. Fight against corrupted corps and explore your relationship.

It's inspired by book series.

Check it out here:

TTRPG about cooking and food in a weird post-apocalypse 

I've been working a lot lately on a GM-less called Death Cap Sauté.

It's about competing in a deadly cooking competition in a weird post-apocalypse.

We just had our first 4-player playtest the other day and it went really well.

TTRPG cover image work in progress. CW: drawing with blood and eyes of a snake and spider 

I'm working on a for a jam inspired by the Locked Tomb book series. It's for 2 players and focuses on the bond between a necromancer and a swordfighter.

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