I finished the design for my entry to the single card contest at The Game Crafter.

I'm open to any thoughts or feedback that folks have.

Did you make something for this contest?

@JunkFoodGames I love the narrative and storytelling elements that this single card offers. Though some might refer to this as an “activity”, much in the way some do #rpg.

I think it has true merit and value in creating a special narrative that can extend as far as a role playing game involving collective storytelling and masterless role playing.

@JunkFoodGames This is a really cool idea! I love how simplistic it is, yet I could see coming back to it as a quick bit of fun quite often, or gifting it around a group of friends!

@JunkFoodGames I made a spin-this-card type game too! Our games differ a little, in that instead of scoring existential dread, my players collect points. But I like yours better, because points are temporary, dread really stick with ya! :)

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