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I've put together this jam to design TTRPGs using board game components! Feel free to join if you're interested! Welcome to the (TTRP+Board) GAME JAM!

Ominous Blessing: 12-Word RPG Collection. Self-Promo 

This is a collection of 3 12-word rpg's that I submitted to the 12-word RPG Jam.

The games included are:

The Goatman: A solo horror ttrpg about getting lost in the woods on the American east coast with the Goatman.

Self-Care Curse: A solo ttrpg about a witch who has cursed you to speak or write positively about yourself in verse.

Raze: A map-unmaking game about destroying what you have built.

I love the indie TTRPG community's tendency to make game jams out of defiance, spite, and memes #Fishblade #Fishblade2023

I need help naming a game.

It's a collection of 3 games for the 12-word rpg jam.

The games are:
-a horror game about the Goatman
-a solo game about being cursed to write positively about yourself in verse
-a map unmaking game called Raze

I can't think of any names for the collection that I like.

Any suggestions?

itchio co-op bundle recruitment for Games You Can MAKE bundle (games, content, print'n'plays built on open SRDs and CC licenses) 

Hi, friends!

Recruitment's open for the "Games You Can MAKE" bundle! Sprinting Owl normally hosts these, but this time I am!


This is an itchio bundle. It is TTRPG-focused but open to other stuff. All profits will be split equally between contributors. 1/

Yesterday saw my first RatGrrrl Games release, You're a RATGIRL, also for the 12-Word RPG Jam

A very personal game that means a great deal to me as it both connects me to the ratgirl at the core of my trauma, RatGrrrl, and marks a new chapter for me and creating again.

You're a Hero

I promise the next thing I release won't have a 'You're a...' title!

Love, support and solidarity to all my trans siblings x

#TTRPG #12WordRPGJam #Trans

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The highest stakes roll I had for our #underhillbywater #rpg game tonight was convincing the dwarven contractors to help me upgrade my #hobbit oven.

My ultimate goal is to win over my aunt's confidence to get her apple pie recipe.

I ADORE this game. It's wonderfully low stakes and cozy. Scandalous rumors about minor hobbit behaviors and silliness ensue every single time.

#lowstakes #cozycore #ttrpg

TTRPG Self Promo 

Deathspeaker is a tiny solo journaling game that fits on a single card. It's about being a sad neck that talks with the dead. I made it for The Game Crafter Single Card Contest.

Check it out here (PWYW):

If you think this game is cool and you have a TGC account, please consider voting for it here:

Hey #TTRPG folks :d6:, Where do you go for trusted reviews? Where do you find new games? (especially #indiettrpg folks)

Can't fucking BELIEVE that NOT ONLY did someone steal Our Traveling Home and repost it as theirs on Itch FOR FREE, but they ALSO went out of their fucking way to leave a comment deadnaming me on MY ITCH PAGE FOR THE GAME THEY STOLE: "Nice game, [deadname] :)"


There are 159 community copies of Our Traveling Home left. If you want people to have free games, send them to MY PAGE so I can still get a few sales or something.

#queer #ttrpg #theft

I just want to make games that are extremely small.

Like, you can fit a bunch of them in the palm of your hand and think about how cute they are

VelociRapture 🦖 Patch Notes 

Version B01:
• Added 18 new cards, mostly with copies of the previous 18 rules and coping mechanisms. Values now go from 1 to 10 and include A and J.
• Coping mechanisms styles linked to their human card's symbol, setup has you separating them by symbol, and having players pick one from a deck to ensure a balance of serious and silly coping mechanisms.
• Increased player count max to 8 players.


TTRPG Self Promo 

Deathspeaker is a tiny solo journaling game that fits on a single card. It's about being a sad neck that talks with the dead. I made it for The Game Crafter Single Card Contest.

Check it out here (PWYW):

If you think this game is cool and you have a TGC account, please consider voting for it here:

Ok I stayed up later than I meant to 😅 but look, I released my stealth-lite cheese-chasing #microgame!

Say hello to Mischief! 😊

Wrangle sneaky mice as Ol' Lucy, resident (and grumpy) house cat. Or steal cheese as those very same mice! Fun for the whole #Mischief

(Link in the replies)


@JunkFoodGames I made a spin-this-card type game too! Our games differ a little, in that instead of scoring existential dread, my players collect points. But I like yours better, because points are temporary, dread really stick with ya! :)

Building positively from my last post, what are your favourite #horror #TTRPGs and supplements?

Please feel free to self promo!

Domains: Horror Roleplaying System by @ordoalea

This was one of my first system reviews, nearly three years ago now:

a truly horrific horror roleplaying game with a heart of darkness and a system so clearly worked on with Infernal love and eldritch craftsmanship!
#TTRPG #IndieTTRPG #HorrorTTRPG #BrinaReviews

ghostbox #itchfunding ends tomorrow at 1am UTC.

if you want to pick up a pretty dang good solo #journaling #indie #ttrpg about dead letters, abandoned postboxes, and hopeful senders at 50% off, then honestly there's no time like now.

you can get it at its @itchio page. and you should, because the final version is going to be a thing of unrivalled beauty.

plus all purchases are in the draw to receive an awesome battered vintage postcard.

may all your letters arrive.👻

Self-promotion: Valentine's Day Itch Sale 

To raise money for my last transition goal (get a tattoo!), all of my #ttrpg about love and relationships are on sale through Valentine's Day. You can get any of these games for 40% off, or you can buy all five for $25 (for an additional $2 off).

These games run the gamut from games about happy #queer romance and found family (Our Traveling Home), to tragic romance (Starlit Kingdom), to the dysfunctional and just plain weird.

I finished the design for my entry to the single card contest at The Game Crafter.

I'm open to any thoughts or feedback that folks have.

Did you make something for this contest?

I've been struggling with this myself, so I thought I'd repeat it for other people that might be dealing with the same thing:

Not every hobby needs to be a project. Not everything needs to be a whole *thing* with a goal and an endpoint. It's okay to not finish something. It's okay to pick up something for a bit, explore it, start making something, and then drop it without making any "progress".

Productivity is capitalist bullshit that doesn't need to infect your free time too. Have some fun

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