Hello boardgame people.
Does anyone also have the (currently 10€ btw and feels like playing boardgames from time to time, without voice chat (at least at first. I have social anxiety and that freaks me the heck out.)

I have had it for some years and have never even opened it >__>

@badical Why? For lack of people to play with or because you actually don't want to play? xD

First one. Also afraid I will open it to find I have to spend more money to access games inside the tool.

@badical Ah yes. I've been trying to make Mastodon Game Night happen for months now. Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't.
And there are no hidden costs unless you go on Steam and buy a DLC. All mods are free which is the great thing about this.

@Julia I might be able to join you from time to time

@urbanfuzzy Yay, that's great. I'll try to talk about a few days in advance.

@Julia UTC/GMT +9:30 hours here, but working weird times. I'm sure there'll be an overlap somehow

@Julia I've tabletop simulator in my steam lib but nobody I know use it, so... yes.

@lucy Yesss! I've heard the exact same thing from a few people. It's now my mission to bring us all together :D
You can add me on Steam, if you want: kwatschmitsauce

yeah sure, which games do you play?
I have played Werewolf, Secret Hitler and Mensch ärgere dich nicht before (I don't really know the English equivalent tbh) :lul:
Also willing to learn new games :blobcoffee:

@deathy So far we've played Labyrinth, Phase 10, Ticket To Ride, Hanabi, 7 Wonders Duel, Lost Cities and Rummikub. I usually only find one person to play with so it's a lot of 2-player games.
I don't know a lot more because no one ever wanted to play anything with me so I have to learn ALL THE THINGS as well (I'm subscribed to ~200 games in the TTS *coughcough*)
And I think the equivalet is Sorry.
Aber das ist wumpe, denn ich finde Mensch Ärgere Dich Nicht eh doof, weil ICH mich ärgere. 😁

I was in a group that played irregularly but it has died out I think, lol
I'll have a look at some of those games when I'm back home, perhaps some more people join in on your toot.
But in any case we can also play in a group of 2 or 3.

Mensch ärgere dich nicht isn't particularly fun anyways, it's basically a waste of human energy :angercrywall:

@deathy Yes, please do. Unless you already did and are mr_lunch.

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