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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this instance, so I'm making some .
My main is @Virelai, I'm 31, scientist from Germany.
I enjoy and I also do .
Some of my favorite games are Dominion, Suburbia, Azul, Welcome to..., Lost cities, Isle of skye and 10" to kill. I could make this a much longer list probably...

I want to play but the strangers on Board Game Arena are really scary and talkative.

seems to be a game that looks incredibly complicated and unappealing when you watch Youtube videos/read the rules, before playing it yourself. But after playing it once and understanding how simple it really is, it's so fun.

Learned today and I think I'm nailing it.

New game I'm learning: . It is... not going well.

Anyone on BoardGameArena.com want to be my friend? I'm Yoolia.

My PC died in the middle of this game. I'm still having a cursed week. And it's day 9!

I really don't understand this. Am I currently winning or losing?

New day, new game to learn.
It's today. I'm watching a 2 minute long instruction video and I don't understand anything. This'll go fiiii~ne.

The is still going and I'm SO losing everything xD

I'm now playing with poor unsuspecting strangers who don't know that so far I've only watched one video on it.

I'm still bad at it... but I know how it works.

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