I need people making mods to stop adding "2 players" when it's a lie!

Hello boardgame people.
Does anyone also have the (currently 10€ btw humblebundle.com/store/tableto) and feels like playing boardgames from time to time, without voice chat (at least at first. I have social anxiety and that freaks me the heck out.)

Learned .
Really easy to learn, terribly hard to play.
Also @Virelai is suspiciously good at it. I think blood magic is involved.

Played with @Virelai four times today. We got 28, 29, 28 and 30 points because we rule.

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#boardgamers of the #fediverse, BoardGames.social is having it's first birthday on March 22. @fabian and others have suggested having an online #game day on BoardGameArena or perhaps some live streaming of games? What do you think? Sounds fun and anyone or any instance can participate! @mxfraud

I worked my way from 52% to 77% up again. I got so many points retracted yesterday for having to leave games in progress because everytime some handyman wanted something.

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Hi everyone,
I'm new to this instance, so I'm making some .
My main is @Virelai, I'm 31, scientist from Germany.
I enjoy and I also do .
Some of my favorite games are Dominion, Suburbia, Azul, Welcome to..., Lost cities, Isle of skye and 10" to kill. I could make this a much longer list probably...

I want to play but the strangers on Board Game Arena are really scary and talkative.

seems to be a game that looks incredibly complicated and unappealing when you watch Youtube videos/read the rules, before playing it yourself. But after playing it once and understanding how simple it really is, it's so fun.

Learned today and I think I'm nailing it.

New game I'm learning: . It is... not going well.

Anyone on BoardGameArena.com want to be my friend? I'm Yoolia.

My PC died in the middle of this game. I'm still having a cursed week. And it's day 9!

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