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Haha! I fooled you all! I was never cool, I've in fact always been...

*dramatically removes stunner shades*

...A turbo nerd!

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Hey everybody, generally it is polite to introduce one's self, so I'mma do that thing. My name is Brandon, though I go by Joystick_Hero on most of the internet.

As far as tabletop goes, I'm a perma GM. I run a weekly Pathfinder 2e game at the moment. Lots of experience with D&D 5th edition as well. I also moderate the Giant Bomb Tabletop Discord.

Other things I like:
- Rhythm Games
- Geocaching
- Microcontrollers
- Space Stuff
- Cyberpunk Nonsense
- Improv
- Learnin' stuff

Now the hope is that I can keep pulling new people in so that I can start being tempted to make it my full time gig.

WOOOO I actually got enough people signed up to play paid D&D games with me that I'm recovering my startup cost for giving the paying people a good time. That's a win in my book.

The best part of playing tabletop games with a group is that the stories we end up making together are so much better than anything I would have come up with on my own.

Oh, is it cat screaming hour already? I had nearly missed it.

I know I've played too many tabletop games and am also out of touch because when people mention their DMs I impulsively think they're getting information from their Dungeon Master.

Last night my group and I finished a game of The Quiet Year. It's a great time and a fantastic game to play to start a new campaign.

Anyway we reached the end and realized that the Frost Shepards weren't coming. We had become the Frost Shepards and were going to descend on everyone else. Good times.

Anyway, I'll put it out here. I'm hoping to use my talents in the GMing space to help me pay some bills I have coming up. If you are interested in playing some D&D 5e using Adventurers League rules and modules with a straight ally GM and have some cash to spare, please check out my listing:

Okay, lesson learned, don't touch that old timeline with a 10 foot pole. Unless, I guess, you're in a situation where you are totally cool just getting unsolicited NSFW content. If so, completely regard this, though still bring a 10 foot pole. those things are handy.

I've started committing myself to the construction of a open source Roll20 clone. Sure, the DM would have to self host, but I'd like to think the option would be appreciated over needing to pay other folks for your hobby.

Would anybody happen to be interested in participating in a Curse of Strahd game sometime, using Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying instead of D&D?

Played games online with my wife as one of the players for the first time. It was very heartwarming that my normal online groups were immediately welcoming and nice to her being involved. Glad they're a good group of folks.

I had a moment where a friend of mine said they were nearly done with Baba is You, and I had to just smile and sweat because I very much know they are not but don't want to ruin what that game does.

One of the hell creatures kindly corrected me that the game is called "Baba is You", thank you Pinface for keeping me in check. You're alright.

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Uh. So, hm. "You are Baba" might not actually be a game? Also, I solved a puzzle and beings from a hell dimension are kind of harassing me? I was kind of into what they were putting down, but I wanted to play more Baba so I asked them to give me some space.

"Baba is You" is a great puzzle game that really makes me think about game design and how rules are often unspoken in the games we play. It also really illustrates how wrong it feels when an unspoken rule literally means the rule does not exist.

My wife is ill, and because I want to be the cool, caring husband, I'm postponing streaming stuff until ~10:30-ish so that I can bring her soup and Gatorade. Because, you know, my priorities are in check.

I think I might do another couple hours of Shadowrun Hong Kong tomorrow morning at about 9 AM PDT. Warm up those vocal cords before the 3 PM tabletop game.

If listening to some random dude characterize every NPC in that game sounds alright to you, catch it. I don't do any dumb face cam stuff. just gameplay, chat, and a lot of water to keep the old talking pipes in shape.

I'm very conflicted. Playing through Shadowrun: Hong Kong while reading / acting out all the text in character voices has been some of the most fun I've had with an RPG in recent memory. It makes every character interaction more memorable and it helps visualize the little pixels as actual people.

The negative is that reading aloud for 3 hours is very rough, and it's much slower than normal play. I'll continue recording the antics until it gets to be too much though.

Hey Tabletop social / anyone else who plays dnd, Im making a homebrew campaign and I wanted to ask- what are some of the worst cliché's you come across when playing someone else's homebrew campaign?

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