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Long introduction post 

Old is old, let's make it new.

I'm Joystick_Hero, aka "Brandon" I guess if you run to me as a regular non-internet person. I use He/Him pronouns.

Perpetually online. I stream a couple days a week on , spend many other days running or participating in . Love to perform for people, be it or supporting others in interesting talks. Currently working in IV&V for a SMR company, love to talk about it if people have questions

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Haha! I fooled you all! I was never cool, I've in fact always been...

*dramatically removes stunner shades*

...A turbo nerd!

I'm so bad at being social on the social media. Sometimes I just don't even log on for a few days and while on the one hand that's probably a good way to live a life, I do feel that I'm missing out on stuff / being negligent.

Going over on with One Hand Clapping, a game about manipulating the world and solving puzzles by singing. Sure to be a dumb good time, since one of my favorite things is to sing spontaneously anyway.

Drinking and swearing on stream, heads up.

Wednesday stream day! More Dead Space 2. That game seems real popular suddenly, what with a bunch more of that exact game being announced. Oh also some hashtags I guess?

Drinking, mild language

Remembering when my wife ordered a pizza for pickup, sent me to get it, and didn't inform me until I called her confused because there was no order for either of us in the system that the name was put under "Pete Za'hut".

I had to tell the dang worker at Dominos that I was picking up a pizza for Pete Za'hut.

Can't stop thinking about my former co-worker / mentor who had a couple PhDs, dozens of years of experience in engineering, but said "corvid" instead of "covid" every single time for the entire time I worked with them.

Dastardly crows pushing completion dates all out of whack.

Here we go, some of that Dead Space 2 on . Before getting into it though, going to give a short presentation on Dead Space 1 and what I remember happening in it.

Alcohol / Mild Language

Concept: Tetris but every time your stack gets taller the music both gets faster and louder

I beat that there Dead Space. Game is very much a product of its time. Tries to play in spaces like Alien and weird commentary on cults posing as religion. But also the game is burdened by having survival horror elements like inventory management and scrounging for resources. It also has very little confidence in the player, repeating major story elements multiple times just to make sure you truly get it.

But, I did have a good time. Look forward to trying the sequel out.

Going with Dead Space (2008) on . It's my second session this game, and I feel somewhat confident that I will probably beat it. Can't wait to discover who went and murdered space.

Warning: Mild swearing, alcohol on stream

Gawd I miss Twitch Sings. Something about a dedicated platform for doing karaoke duets with strangers was such a fun thing. I haven't found anything that has scratched that itch since the thing shut down.

Now that Hardspace Shipbreaker is out and 1.0, I've been playing it again for the first time since waaaay back in early access.

Come for the feeling of mastery and developing skills. Stay for the commentary on corporations and how wild they could become in a world where people literally can just be rebuilt if they die on the job.

Haha, I'm an adult.

*Eating french fries for breakfast out of a bowl*

Love my friends, but I gotta say the "hey I just bought a new (TTRPG) game, want to do a one shot?" and then getting together just to learn that the person running the thing hasn't read the rules yet combination happens entirely too often.

I'm also the one who ends up running the one shot in these situations. smh, not even my dang game.

I've been informed by my tabletop group that as GM I am obligated to watch both Escaflowne and The Big O before running our new campaign.

Honestly, as someone who loves mecha nonsense, they're both giant gaps in my media consumption so I guess it's time.

I can't stop thinking about that scene in House of Gucci where Lered Leto's character says, quote, "Mau, it's me, Paulo, how could you?"

I feel like I need to draw attention to the fictional history of Klax found in the Game Boy Color release of that game.

""It is the war, and there is no time for Klax," declared FDR in a public statement, April 3rd, 1942."

Worst part of being on west coast US time? By the time I'm getting ready to throw out some late evening dumb takes everyone I interact with online is asleep.

Shoutouts to my UK friends who inexplicably are awake at 5 AM and are bleary eyed responding to me saying something dumb like "feet are basically cleaner than hands because they only touch socks all day".

At a job interview: "No, I've never Morbed in my life." [Sweating profusely]

Only downside is that the writers chickened out at the last second and had a politician come through to bail everyone out. So very, very close.

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