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Long introduction post 

Old is old, let's make it new.

I'm Joystick_Hero, aka "Brandon" I guess if you run to me as a regular non-internet person. I use He/Him pronouns.

Perpetually online. I stream a couple days a week on , spend many other days running or participating in . Love to perform for people, be it or supporting others in interesting talks. Currently working in IV&V for a SMR company, love to talk about it if people have questions

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Haha! I fooled you all! I was never cool, I've in fact always been...

*dramatically removes stunner shades*

...A turbo nerd!

Worst part of being on west coast US time? By the time I'm getting ready to throw out some late evening dumb takes everyone I interact with online is asleep.

Shoutouts to my UK friends who inexplicably are awake at 5 AM and are bleary eyed responding to me saying something dumb like "feet are basically cleaner than hands because they only touch socks all day".

At a job interview: "No, I've never Morbed in my life." [Sweating profusely]

Only downside is that the writers chickened out at the last second and had a politician come through to bail everyone out. So very, very close.

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Honestly I'm not sure how the film Newsies (1992) didn't radicalize more children. Movie about a bunch of kids going on strike and using the tools of their oppressor to spread the message? I mean come on.

Thoughts on Dead Space as a game:

It's a bit too interested in hiding things you need to progress around the environment causing the player to want to look around corners and mess with boxes when they should be looking at the next big thing. Also is extremely into combat for a horror game, which diminishes the horror aspect, imo. Got halfway done today, plan to revisit next week and see if my feelings persist.

Going to go and some Dead Space (2008) on . Honestly, I was unaware space had died. Wonder if the game holds up?

Warning: Mild swearing, alcohol on stream

Dang, work has decided that even "on site as needed" employees such as myself have to be in the office at least once a week. I guess the bosses need to have days where they can see people working so they can feel good about themselves?

The First Flame keeps the Dragonforge alight. The extreme heat allows for extraordinary items to be smithed utilizing it.

When asked about the origins of the First Flame, the sages only said: "We didn't start the fire. It was always burning, since the world's been turning."

I've cursed myself. There's a boba tea place nearby and now I find myself craving that as my main source of caffeine over coffee. Not that it's bad, but I can't exactly make boba tea at home.

At least, not *yet*. :think_smirk:

I'm headed into finishing a modern TTRPG campaign today. In a beautiful twist the party split and the talky group ended up in the big final fight and the fighty group ended up in a diplomatic situation. It's going to be interesting.

Getting ready to stream some Peglin over at

Standard heads up, alcohol / light swearing on stream

I didn't post it when I was live, but I had a really fun time streaming tonight. Something about interacting with people while just doing a thing I think is fun releases all the feel good brain juice.

In better brain things, I'm approaching 6 years on my main tabletop group without having anyone drop out. That's some wild numbers and I still can't believe they've all stuck with me across a few campaigns and time changes.

Bad brain stuff, thinking about bad online people 

I constantly think about how thin the line I've made for myself and a bad actor. Like, the main thing I have going for myself is not erasing my past and acknowledging it. I had bad takes as a teenager. I'm working towards being better now. I know I'll never be perfect, but dang it, what is living if not a continuous learning thing?

Anyway, I live with regrets. It'll always bug me. But, yaknow, maybe it should?

re: Tabletop Game Prep Thoughts - Final Session of Campaign 

Anyway, I need to do research on places where it's viable to hide a semi truck in Los Angeles so we can do a fun ambush / highway chase sequence. Probably out around LAX somewhere.

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Tabletop Game Prep Thoughts - Final Session of Campaign 

Doing prep for the "season finale" of our BitD hack game. In the past I had a really hard time ending a campaign when it's open, so to try and remedy that I simply asked at the end of the previous session what people wanted to see as the end of the "tv show season" of the campaign.

Honestly that worked very well! Should have done it before, a lot of the stress of prepping is not knowing if it is what the players want.

Aaaand the planes have it! Honestly, a superior pick, probably should have made them out of foam, but eh.

Personally though, I'm still a spider ring kind of guy.

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Today in things I've learned because I ran a tabletop game: Did you know that there's a person who sits inside a plane who stacks all the luggage that comes up the conveyor belt into neat stacks? I mean, I suspected that there was some system, just didn't expect literally a person in there.

Heroes come into a new place, save an oppressed people: I sleep.

Heroes come into a new place, support oppressed people into overthrowing their own oppressors: now that's a storyline.

It's "perpetually online" stuff, but winning a combination trivia / game playing show live online feels pretty good. Just did that thing on Twitch for Toolmcbag. Going to do it again (potentially) on Smight's channel. It's a fun feeling to win a thing that happens to coincide with things I feel are fun.

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