You’re not the product anymore. You’re a community member in your host’s ad-free server they pay for. There’s no venture capitalist payday coming for them. Everything you do here costs your host a little bit of money. Find out how you can chip in.

@JoeSondow And how powerful of a feeling is that?? It’s pretty darn sweet.. No Mr Rich boy Musk on top.. ☺️

@streamofron still waiting for the patreon/whatever to go up. If you make me wait until next week I'm going to pay you in shitcoin

@JoeSondow took me a minute to recognize where I know your name from... Emoji Tetra? that was fun!

@graue that’s me! I’m planning to run it here as well

@JoeSondow Great message. I followed my server admin and gave a donation because #freedom isn't free, or maybe, many #hands make light work don't run with #scissors

@JoeSondow fr if every person on a server could even just chip in $1 USD a month (or whatever currency they prefer) it would make a huge difference for your fedi-host.

@JoeSondow I'm pretty sure that "a little bit" is like microcents at most, for a textual hoot anyway. So I'm not overly worried about paying for it. I run some quasi-charitable web services myself also.

@JoeSondow I don’t think people realize, even in the big instances, we’re all losing money here running this thing. Most Mods work for free. I call it Federated Wikipedia.

@JoeSondow not even just money. Hosting your own instance can take up quite some time. From moderation to keeping the software and server up to date

@JoeSondow Mastodon instances will 100% be sold to commercial interests if critical mass is reached. User data will always be valuable. Expecting it to remain free of commercial exploitation is quite unrealistic.

@mythor What’s unrealistic is supposing that your current mastodon server admin is going to make money by getting bought out.

> they pay for
nah I'm running this on my own hardware in communist Denmark, there is no ethical federating under capitalism /j

@JoeSondow true, however the chances of an admin banning you just because they have a personal issue with you are larger on Mastodon than on that other site.

@JoeSondow just saying that even though you're no longer "a product" there are plenty of other issues to consider. Masto is just as well a hellhole as any other social media. But agree on supporting your instance admin (I'm subscribed to my current and previous instance patreon/kofi).

@JoeSondow I literally involuntarily heaved a sigh of relief reading "You're not the product anymore." Am contributing to this and another platform. #SupportMastodanHosts #SocialGood #Mastodon

and also best practice in posting so you don't overload the servers.

@JoeSondow Ugh, imagine not being a product in 2022.

I like my data being harvested.

( 😂 )

Let me suggest to you instead:

* Instances are not *places*. Instances are not places at all but *conversations*, most often mingling with others farer away.

* Accordingly, not only are users dependent on their hosts but hosts are dependent on their users as well, for the quality of the conversations that take place, the atmosphere that rules the instance, and the reputation the instance "acquires" (or rather: *grows*) from that.

Obviously one should support the host/admin in the various ways that are possible. But an instance is not an "appartment buidling" in which the landlord deals with raucous tenants ("My house, my rules"). Nor is it a "community". It's voices mingling, and ideas taking advantage of that, pursuing their own goals and destinations.


Watching how my fellow citizens mismanage and misunderstand civics and local governance IRL, I suspect most of them aren’t ready to be responsible members of a community online

@JoeSondow is there some micro-payment system involved where you share an amount of € which gets somehow distributed to server admins? No Crypto BS!

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