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self-promotion #TTRPG 

I got to do an Actual Play session!

I have been playing TTRPGs since the 90s (anyone remember Amber?!) but rarely get invited to do these, so I'm stoked.

Plus the system is so clean - 4D6 with enough mechanisms the structure gives me guide-rails but enough freedom that you feel like the collaborative narrative is the core.

Anyhoo... if you're bored, check it out. Paula Deming GM'd and Danny Quach, Ross Connell, and Mandi Hutchinson are awesome.

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Fyi you can hide people's boosts from their profile page. Just another weapon in the arsenal available to curate your experience here.

Just click the 3 little dots/lines, and then hide boosts from @user

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Choose Your Own #StarTrek adventure! #CYOST 007

"Deploy the DOTs. We'll hopefully get a good look at the Anomaly and find a way to make-safe the Torpedo."

Dozens of the diminutive droids are deployed in a sprawl across the hull. They quickly congregate around the Anomaly, fixing hull damage as they go.

On the mainscreen, the Bridge crew have an up close DOT POV of the Anomaly... It's beautiful. The swirling gases have coalesced into a semi-solid arachnid-like form, which pulses with light and energy. At it's centre, often obscured by the dark gases, bobs the Torpedo.

The Anomaly shifts slightly and a nearby DOT is sliced in half by a stray tendril of gravimetric shear...

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Going to try a thing: white guys, please boost!!

Comment here if you're: queer and/or BIPOC and you are interested in talking about #TTRPGs #GameDesign #LARP or #games #art so we can create some discoverability for marginalized folks trying to find community with each other

I'll start! I'm a queer trans nb person who designs and publishes tabletop games and LARPs about gender and queerness. My jam lately has been happy games about queer people finding love and community

#introduction #lgbtq

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For my followers:

"Heads up: Weirder Earth will be upgrading our silence on and to defederation, one week from today (November 26th). Moving to defederation means their large number of users won't be able to see Weirder Earth accounts anymore, and all follows between our instances will be ended.

We are defederating because historically the moderation of [m.s] and [m.o] has been inadequate. With both servers having grown a lot recently, there is now also more bigots and harassers on those instances, and there's no sign that their moderation team is currently able to handle that. This is a safety concern for a significant proportion of our users."

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7 things all kids need to hear

1 I love you

2 I'm proud of you

3 I'm sorry

4 I forgive you

5 I'm listening

6 RAID is not backup. Make offsite backups. Verify backup. Find out restore time. Otherwise, you got what we call Schrödinger backup

7 You've got what it takes

Food, cat 

The face of a thief who recently stole some of my chicken and is planning her next heist.

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I really wish I could turn off replies from strangers. People get angry about the weirdest things here.

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Next time someone complains about singular "they" I'll point them to this 17th century rant against singular "you"

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When introducing your wizards it’s recommended to do so slowly, gradually. Let your new wizard get used to the smell of your old wizard through a closed door.

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Hello Mastodon!

There's been lots of tech layoffs recently. Can we get a thread going of folks looking for work and companies hiring?

Retoot for reach ☺️

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To and friends 

Hey! will be defederating from and soon - in a week - due to problematic moderation on those instances. Alas. When that happens, we won't be able to see each other's stuff.

Are you able to move to a smaller instance? Smaller servers are cool. Be on a smaller server. Be cool.

Okay, how about, is there a way in Mastodon to automatically expand all CW posts from a specific person without automatically expanding everyone else's CW posts?

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Is there a way on Mastodon to automatically expand all posts whose CWs contain a certain word, without also automatically expanding all other CW posts?

Thank you @jeroen for giving me access to the account when I was ready. He had it set up to copy my PicardTips tweets before. Now it’s managed directly by me.

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@JoeSondow thanks so much for this, makes Mastodon feel a bit more like “home”

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