Monday game night: playing Yamatai against my sister :)

It's an interesting take on area control games, where you have to place ships around islands to build on them, and collect specialists who add points to your buildings if they meet certain conditions - combos encouraged :p

Overall, a mixed reaction from me though - it's a fun puzzle, but I feel there's too much that can change between your turns, meaning that you can't plan ahead massively :/

(Debating doing longer reviews - thoughts?)

@rettaroo Proud to be your 69th follow :)

(that's the sex number!)

Reposting this outside of the recommendation thread, because seriously these are the cutest frickin' cards in any game ever

Lookit the bunny! :D

Game Recommendations, Games to Buy 

Dicey Goblins is a push-your-luck game seeing players try to take as many dragon eggs as possible without getting burnt to a crisp! Do you continue taking risks to get bigger rewards, or do you get back to safety knowing that someone else could swoop in and take the big one?

It's pretty much a reskin of Zombie Dice (so don't double up), but I would totally recommend it as a great game for beginners to the hobby. (currently £10)

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Game Recommendations, Games to Buy 

Ever wanted a travelling theatre troupe of adorable animals? Histrio has you putting on comedies and tragedies for the King of the land, and fighting over the best actors and acrobats for your show.

It's great two player, works even better for 3-5, and is a much lighter affair than the previous two. A definite recommendation for a party night :D (currently £10)

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re: Game Recommendations, Games to Buy 

Android Mainframe, the latest in Fantasy Flight's "Android" universe, has you playing rival hackers trying to get the most information out of a corporation before everyone gets locked out by each other.

It's an interesting twist on the classic "line and box" game, with gorgeous components and asymmetric abilities for each character that can completely change the course of the game! Very tactical, I LOVE it :) (currently £10)

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Game Recommendations, Games to Buy 

Lords of Xidit is a beautiful game where you take on the roles of warriors going around a fantasy world, battling monsters and gaining reputation as the best Lord in the Land!

Its main mechanic is that you "program" all of your moves at the start of the turn, so you have to try and work out what you think the players before you might do! It's a minimum of three players and quite complex, but well worth a look :) (currently £10)

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UK Peeps - The Works is currently selling a ton of board games from decent publishers at an absolute steal!

The following thread will be a series of recommendations of games they have

I'm not getting paid for this, I just want to spread the board game love with people :)

Right then - I'm sat under a blanket with a cup of tea and my crochet, who wants their arse kicked on ? 😈​

(I'm willing to play anything, and can teach most games on there too!)

Holy crap Scythe is on for £5.50, I am so tempted - does anyone else know the game and want to play? I am happy to teach as well :D

Also, does anyone know if every player needs a copy of a game on TTSim, or if one person has it can others join (kind of like in real life)?

Setting up Tabletop Simulator again after some years to see what's the what - Mastodon Games Night needs to become a thing :D

Right, a little bit of an for me on here - hi! :)

I'm Jae (they/them), and I'm a massive game geek :p I have been playing board games as a hobby for about eight years now, and love anything mid- to heavy-weight, legacy games and worker placements :)

My main is @Jae but this is primarily here to meet other board gamers - I'm on , and if you want to hit me up, I want more friends :)

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