Hi everyone! My name is Ignacio.

I've moved from D&D 5e to Shadow of the Demon Lord. I'm currently obsessed with Ironsworn: and will probably be posting about the game I'm GMing in that system as well as some solo games set in the same universe.

My fav unconventional RPG is . I ran some public games at r/RedditPlaysMicroscope. It was a lot of work so those are done now.

You can also find me on Laserdisc: @Ignacio!

@IgnacioD6 @Ignacio I've heard people mention Microscope. What's the elevator pitch for it?

My personal favourite RPG (qualifies as unconventional, but is my favourite overall) is Spark. What little snippets I've heard of Microscope make it sound similar.

@zdl It's a worldbuilding game where you make a timeline. Every round a topic is chosen and everyone adds an entry to the timeline. Entries can be added in any order, can go inside other entries and some can be a roleplay scenes where you answer a question about the timeline.

The fun of it is being put in the hot seat to come up with something that fits the current topic while also not having to worry about the details because other players will fill stuff in and make connections.

@zdl Spark looks really interesting! I'll definitely check it out!

@IgnacioD6 OK, I tracked down a copy of Microscope, so it's on queue for reading. Thanks for the pointer!

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