I was contacted late last year to illustrate a crest that features very prominently in the novel Ordinary Monsters and now that the book is out, I figure it's a fine time to show the work I did for it.


Grief, Mothers Day 

My mother taught me when I was little that honeybees are good listeners who'll let you help them get out of the house, if you explain it to them, but that yellowjackets just aren't and just won't.

I haven't found this. Yellowjackets are excitable, but if you're calm and patient with them, they listen fine.

I saw my mom to say goodbye to her about 6 months before she died. She couldn't remember me, but she could tell that I loved her, and it put her at ease with me.

Doodling my Lighthouse #SoloRPG character, Minah and her found companion Stormy!

#MastoArt #sketch #oc

The #5b7376 challenge seemed like a perfect way to break away from my usual palette! 30 min study, photo ref from unsplash

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #FediArt

Votes for the poll are closed now. What a... hum hum... "lovely?" color. šŸ˜†

Thank you for all the participations! Now I'll try to paint a fantasy landscape with this one as my dominant color. I'll toot it here soon.

( If other artists around want to give this challenge a try , we can tag our toots with the hex address: #5b7376 to collect and discover them )

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Going to have some fun with #AI in the #starforged #stream today. Letting GPT-3 take on a specific role.

We start in about an hour (around 2:15 CST) and weā€™re making a new character in my old universe.

Our civilization is human, lost amongst the stars. Weā€™re hundreds of years and a few generations removed from the exodus of the Sol galaxy. Weā€™re still not sure exactly what happened to earth. We donā€™t know that weā€™re even in the same dimensionā€¦

#thread #lore #ttrpg

Sometimes your brain just goes "Okay but what if deer dragon?"

And then your hands are like "yah oki fam"

. Marked sensitive for eye contact

#deer #dragon #creatures #art #mastoart #creativetoots #illustration #digitalart

#solorpg #ttrpg #journaling #stopalong
a stop along the road is live!!! a wee little solo journaling game about a character who's chosen to settle down despite all the adventure in the world, offering their hospitality to adventurers coming through. i'm real grateful to this community for finally giving me the kick in the pants i've needed to finish this! please enjoy itā€”community copies are available if needed and refreshed in exchange for comments and ratings!!! šŸ’–


Is there any FLOSS and/or federated alternative to itch were people could launch their own pen and paper RPGs?

it's fucked up how star wars is supposed to take place across this whole galaxy but it just seems like there are like 10 planets and 4 of them are tatooine


To entertain myself today, I think I'll be doing a playthrough of my Second Guess game, Hard Case, here on Mastodon. It's a solo journaling game with a classic detective noir theme.

Check out this thread to follow along!


If you know anyone who needs art for their ttrpg, tell me, I could help if it's something simple. I'll do it for free, but just one or two pieces, just want to help the indie creators. I can't offer realistic pieces, sorry.
I'll only take request if I like the project, but I don't have really high standards.

@chrismennell @dysonlogos

I've seen a toot where you were looking for suggestions in order to create dungeons. May I suggest you to refer to this good checklist created by Skullfungus, I think this can help you.

Daily link: surprisingly non-kitschy Lovecraft artwork 

Resurrecting R'lyeh: John Coulthart redraws his 1988 depiction of the "nightmare corpse-city" from Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu

#lovecraft #illustration


#ttrpg #worldbuilding questions today:

Itā€™s spring in the northern hemisphere, which means new life. Describing new flora and fauna is one of the most fun parts of worldbuilding. Letā€™s start with flora.

Whatā€™s a plant thatā€™s unique to your world? In what environment(s) does it thrive? What makes it interesting? Is it dangerous? Useful to people? Culturally significant?

I couldn't resist: Rules alignments as a nine-grid.

(Again, this is me goofing around. It'[s funny if you're me; I have no idea if it's amusing to anyone else)

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