finding an instance - be kinder? 

I dislike the "it's not hard" and other posts that kind of handwave or mock folks who are struggling to onboard with mastodon.

Change is hard. And folks who are expressing struggle to get on Mastodon are trying to become part of the community.

Folks have different amounts of time, spoons, tech savvy, hardware, etc. all of which influence their ability to jump in on a new platform.

Maybe less "hurr hurr it's not hard if you try" and more "how can I help?"

finding an instance - be kinder? 

@425suzanne I've certainly been trying where I can. I'm a lil rusty myself but see the pitfalls some new people are having.

I do think some people come with a notion that it's supposed to be like Twitter but get put off when they see it's different. It helps to understand that and try to explain the basic differences.

re: finding an instance - be kinder? 

@ITOmarHernandez For sure. I definitely see folks ( for example Tiffany is doing a lot in the BG sphere) to help educate and coach and guide and provide resources. And THAT is great.


re: finding an instance - be kinder? 

@425suzanne yeah, I've been boosting her stuff because it's solid. I tend to be more individual in my help. With a lil success I hope.

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