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who decided to call him spider-man and not Peter Parkour

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My parents are calling me gamer over and over and I have never felt more uncomfortable.

I swear I've got a thing for plant or robot characters. They're just so cute ugh I love them. Yes u can go try to understand the merciless and brutal human society u can do it baby

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When I'm gay I think "Yes"
When I'm not gay I think "No"

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Whenever scientists manage to make great breakthroughs and find the answer to life's questions, you can bet we're gonna somehow implement it in our games

I think I'm gonna look for an online D&D group. Playing offline has not worked out for me :think_disappointed:

I just tried to take a screenshot of how my phone had 0.02 GB of free space and a warning about how I didn't have enough space for a screenshot popped up. So I tried to take a screenshot of that

Just finished watching The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.
Damn. The feels. I need to lay down lmao

That feeling when you just made a sandwich for tomorrow and instantly feel the urge to E N G U L F .

You know, after going to sleep late for the past 3 months cause I had to work for the many, many school projects they give us, I'm starting to unveil a whole new aspect of life.


I've been having a love-hate relationship with my username and I have run out of creative juices a whiiiiile ago. It's just hard to find something that is creative, interesting, possibly fun and also not yet taken.

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Starting a new wall-brainstorm. Sometimes when I have a problem in development, I start one up. I get to look at it everyday, and if an idea comes up, I can add it in. Or see something I missed.

Also, making the problem a physical thing makes it more real. The process of making it gives it more thought. Adds a new dimension.

I need see how these types of digivolution interact together. Maybe make new mechanics. I've already come up with Double Armor Digivolvution.

I was thinking of making a slime player race and I went to google for drawings.

You have no idea how much I regret that decision.

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broke: having gender dysphoria

woke: the fact that I have a physical form at all is an insult to my gender identity

I participated in a karaoke in a Discord server and I honestly don't think I've ever had that much fun in the past few years.

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