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My spouse’s work held a staff pet picture contest (she works at a community college). Winning pets would be put into a staffcalendar. Our cat Jane Clausten was not selected, so I’ve been begging my spouse to send her coworkers this picture as a rebuttal to the obvious snub.


That feeling when I get home from work on a Friday…

Going to try a thing: white guys, please boost!!

Comment here if you're: queer and/or BIPOC and you are interested in talking about #TTRPGs #GameDesign #LARP or #games #art so we can create some discoverability for marginalized folks trying to find community with each other

I'll start! I'm a queer trans nb person who designs and publishes tabletop games and LARPs about gender and queerness. My jam lately has been happy games about queer people finding love and community

#introduction #lgbtq

confession/cat photo 

Sometimes, I send my spouse homemade memes of our cat.

I can’t wait to sit down on my patio tonight and read some rulebooks. Anyone else get genuinely excited to read a rulebook?

I have two games coming in the mail today, Fire in the Lake and Cuba Libre, and I'm super excited. Are there any COIN game fans out there? If so, what is your favorite?

Here is the poll that will hopefully help fellow iPhone and apple stuff users.

Please comment for else

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Problems I had being a school teacher on Twitter. 

I love this community, but I never felt like I could be an open and honest participant on Twitter because I’m a teacher, and although I never posted anything political, I still had parents and students who would try and weaponize the fact I had pronouns in my bio. When you live in a rural county that votes 90 percent one way, you get used to keeping your head down on social media. It’s nice to to be away from all that.

My favorite game of this year has been Resist! by David Thompson. Anyone else have an early pick for game of the year?

If you are into solo board games, I highly recommend Joel Toppen’s Navajo Wars. It has a fantastic solo system that is easy to run and very different than other bot-style systems. It has a solid playbook tutorial, and not to mention, it taught me a lot about a historical period that I knew very little about.

Hello all! I’m a high school teacher and just a fan of board games. Just tonight, my spouse and I had a great time playing the newest Everdell expansion, Newleaf.

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