game session pic/Viticulture 

@sev its one of my spouse’s favorite scenes. I can’t describe it and do it justice, but if you google “fold in the cheese schitt’s creek”, you will find the scene. In jest, I’d say my spouse enjoy co-ops, but we take them too seriously. We envision a date-like night, but we usually end up with a very tense evening of debate.

game session pic/Viticulture 

We are going to play Viticulture all day because we take our 10x10 challenge too seriously. Has anyone played Viticulture World? We’ve been interested in it as a two-player experience; however, co-ops have a expectation vs reality problem in our house. Expectation = Romantic Pottery scene in Ghost. Reality= Fold-in-the-cheese scene from Schitt’s Creek.

@georgetakei I think he’s being forced out, and that was one last ego stroke gone wrong.

question regarding combat commander 

Does any of my fellow war gamers know if It is possible to play Combat Commander asynchronously? After skimming the rules, the main issue I can see is with interruptions.

@eschy12 I would recommend Cuba Libre. Root has a COIN-esque feel because it has asymmetrical factions, but it’s not part of the COIN series. If you go on GMT’s website (the publisher), you can browse at all of the games in the series. Although I would say Cuba Libre is a great starting point, I like the advice to pick the COIN game with the historical setting that interests you the most. That way you are more motivated to dive into the rules.

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@gpage I usually just solo the COIN games. I've tried Vassal multiplayer, but I think why I enjoyed this particular experience was the conversational aspect of talking through your moves. Also, we would stop and just talk about the board state. I'm not a competitive person, so it's not just about "playing" the game. I think I really strive off of the personal interactions. Video messaging can be clunky, but I found the experience very rewarding.

Second, I was skeptical of playing a game this complex over video messages, but it's been fantastic. Both participants have to own the game, but it's really felt like we have been playing in the same room and at the the same table. Highly recommend that COIN fans try this method.

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First, Rodney not only set up the logistics of our game session (We are playing entirely over short video messages), but he also sent me videos to help me with the messaging app. Rodney Smith is without a doubt one of the kindest, sincerest people you could ever meet.

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For the past few weeks, I've been playing Cuba Libre against Rodney Smith @watchitplayed and I just wanted to make an appreciation post/thread about two things that have made this one of my favorite tabletop gaming experiences.

cat being weird/ board game recap 

Lots of Wingspan being played today. My spouse is so committed to fulfilling our 10x10 challenge that today’s been like a gaming marathon. Also, our cat has been sitting on our shoulders like a pirate’s parrot for the whole day. Clearly Wingspan is interesting for cats.

Complaints about work 

I don't like to talk about my experiences teaching as if they were true for everyone, but here is a two act play that summarizes what every semester feels like at every high school that I've worked.

Act One: Beginning of the semester
Principals: "We need to push our students and teach them personal accountability."

Act Two: End of the semester
Principal: "Why do we have so many kids on the F-list? Don't you care about the students?"

@nonamegames it’s a fiction novel based on the experiences I had teaching in a small rural community.

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