game session pic/Viticulture 

We are going to play Viticulture all day because we take our 10x10 challenge too seriously. Has anyone played Viticulture World? We’ve been interested in it as a two-player experience; however, co-ops have a expectation vs reality problem in our house. Expectation = Romantic Pottery scene in Ghost. Reality= Fold-in-the-cheese scene from Schitt’s Creek.

For the past few weeks, I've been playing Cuba Libre against Rodney Smith @watchitplayed and I just wanted to make an appreciation post/thread about two things that have made this one of my favorite tabletop gaming experiences.

cat being weird/ board game recap 

Lots of Wingspan being played today. My spouse is so committed to fulfilling our 10x10 challenge that today’s been like a gaming marathon. Also, our cat has been sitting on our shoulders like a pirate’s parrot for the whole day. Clearly Wingspan is interesting for cats.

cute cat pic 

That feeling when you get home on a Monday.

game pic/session recap 

We played another round of Everdell with the new expansions. We really enjoy the new cards from Newleaf. It’s really breathed some life back into one of our most played games.

game pic 

I can confirm that Chris Handy’s Pack o Games are perfect for the pub.

Cuba Libre, COIN, Game pic 

I’m quickly understanding why Cuba Libre is often recommended as the entry point for COIN games. Great game so far. Feels very streamlined.

personal story/game pic 

At this time four years ago, I made a game for my wife commemorating when she climbed a mountain. Whenever I get FOMO looking at people’s game collections, I just tell myself that I have at least one priceless game in my own collection.


My spouse’s work held a staff pet picture contest (she works at a community college). Winning pets would be put into a staffcalendar. Our cat Jane Clausten was not selected, so I’ve been begging my spouse to send her coworkers this picture as a rebuttal to the obvious snub.


That feeling when I get home from work on a Friday…

confession/cat photo 

Sometimes, I send my spouse homemade memes of our cat.

My favorite game of this year has been Resist! by David Thompson. Anyone else have an early pick for game of the year?

If you are into solo board games, I highly recommend Joel Toppen’s Navajo Wars. It has a fantastic solo system that is easy to run and very different than other bot-style systems. It has a solid playbook tutorial, and not to mention, it taught me a lot about a historical period that I knew very little about.

Hello all! I’m a high school teacher and just a fan of board games. Just tonight, my spouse and I had a great time playing the newest Everdell expansion, Newleaf.

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