game session pic/Viticulture 

We are going to play Viticulture all day because we take our 10x10 challenge too seriously. Has anyone played Viticulture World? We’ve been interested in it as a two-player experience; however, co-ops have a expectation vs reality problem in our house. Expectation = Romantic Pottery scene in Ghost. Reality= Fold-in-the-cheese scene from Schitt’s Creek.

re: game session pic/Viticulture 

@HenriWhitehead I haven't had a chance to play Viticulture World yet, but we do own it. Hoping to get to it next month.

I agree that co-op experience don't always go as you expect them to.

Good luck on your 10x10 challenge!

game session pic/Viticulture 

@HenriWhitehead I'm unfamiliar with that scene from Schitt's Creek, can you say more? Co-ops are *very* loved at my house, so I'm always on the lookout for ones I haven't tried yet.

game session pic/Viticulture 

@sev its one of my spouse’s favorite scenes. I can’t describe it and do it justice, but if you google “fold in the cheese schitt’s creek”, you will find the scene. In jest, I’d say my spouse enjoy co-ops, but we take them too seriously. We envision a date-like night, but we usually end up with a very tense evening of debate.

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