For the past few weeks, I've been playing Cuba Libre against Rodney Smith @watchitplayed and I just wanted to make an appreciation post/thread about two things that have made this one of my favorite tabletop gaming experiences.

@HenriWhitehead @watchitplayed Do either of you have a recommendation for the best intro COIN game? I've never played one and I'm intrigued. (Is Root a COIN game?)


@eschy12 I would recommend Cuba Libre. Root has a COIN-esque feel because it has asymmetrical factions, but it’s not part of the COIN series. If you go on GMT’s website (the publisher), you can browse at all of the games in the series. Although I would say Cuba Libre is a great starting point, I like the advice to pick the COIN game with the historical setting that interests you the most. That way you are more motivated to dive into the rules.

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