I'm going to be running a Mouse Guard rpg session for my teenager's birthday party this next weekend. Any tips for the system?

@HenriWhitehead I love that system. Just follow the hints in the book on how to create a scenario. The hard part is to make the small narrative power of the PCs, I think.

@HenriWhitehead I have nevere played a game with such well structured suggestions on how to create a scenario. I think it is great. Especially if you can tie it all together with the background stories of your PCs.

@erik_a_sunden I just started diving into the system, and I really like what I've seen so far. I also love the whole setting, so I'm really excited for how it will go.

@HenriWhitehead I loved the scenarios I had with that game and system. I prefer it to its bigger brother, Burning Wheel.

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