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As part of the advance party to recon a new home for social, I have embarked on this long journey so you don’t have to.

For my I’ll stick to the most obvious: I have played for most of my life, and now I fancy being able to create them.

I also encourage the celebration of playing games each winter between friends and families.

Mahalo and a hui ho!

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Three days to go until World Dice Day (Dec 4th). Yeah, I know, it's a very obscure and nerdy "holiday". But there are many dice fans who haven't even heard about this day...

Here's some info on the (short) history of this holiday. And if you decide to celebrate it someway, I'd love to hear about it!

Only 26 days until SpielMas! 

is a holiday festival celebrated by playing a tabletop game each night between December 26-31.

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Cleaned up the rules for Christmas on Track; hopefully this is clearer! If anyone sees anything that's not clear, I'd love to know about it. 🧡

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FYI The 1984 eruption, like most on Mauna Loa, started at the summit on March 25th and within days expanded to the upper reaches of the northeast rift zone. It crossed the 1,000-meter contour, just above Hilo before stopping on April 15th.


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Mauna Loa has begun to erupt after 38 years.

When I was living and working on the Big Island between 1992-1993, I had students in my middle school classes who never understood how close that 1984 eruption came to Hilo, because it was something only their parents remembered.

Fortunately, the current eruption is only at the summit at this time, not on one of its rift zones (southwest or northeast).

Day 4 of SpielMas dry-run 

On the final day of the Thanksgiving dry-run of the upcoming ⛄️ festival, we played from @flatoutgames and Alderac.

Looking forward to celebrating the upcoming festival on Monday, December 26! Visit for more details.

Day 3 of SpielMas dry-run 

I played Memoir ‘44 on Day 3 of the Thanksgiving dry-run of the upcoming ⛄️ festival.

It’s an old favorite of mine, but it’s just been made available on Board Game Arena.

Day 2 of SpielMas dry-run 

We played a three-person game of Love Letter on Board Game Arena for Day 2 of the Thanksgiving dry-run of the upcoming ⛄️ festival.

Day 1 of SpielMas dry-run 

Today my wife and I played a two-player game of Palace on Day 1 of the Thanksgiving Dry-Run of the upcoming SpielMas festival in December.

We have been playing Palace but with the four additional cards from the River and Stone deck from @bethsobel.

Check out our variant at:


I’m still trying to figure out what to play this morning for Day 1 of the Thanksgiving Dry-Run of the ⛄️ festival.

3p Samurai
4p Palace
2p Odin’s Ravens

Depends on who wakes up first! 🤣

Come practice SpielMas ⛄️! 

From Thursday, November 24th, through Sunday, November 27th, I’ll practice celebrating playing games with family and/or friends. Pick a day, play a game, tag your post with and let the celebration begin early. Then you’ll be ready for the 3rd annual SpielMas festival on Monday, December 26.

Download a display and join me!

The origin story of a 3D-printed SpielMas display 

Here's a link to version 2.0 of his design and my successful attempt to print it on-demand for myself and the friends in my gaming group. /4



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The origin story of a 3D-printed SpielMas display 

Below is the score sheet of that teaching session showing @BinaryPretzel coming in first. Next to it is version 1.0 of the display he designed. /3

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The origin story of a 3D-printed SpielMas display 

I was volunteering to teach games that weekend as a means to promote ⛄️, and the winner of that particular session was @BinaryPretzel. He was evidently inspired enough by my pitch after the game to create a 3D-printed display to mark the games he would play each day of the festival. /2

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The origin story of a 3D-printed SpielMas display 

Two years ago today, I taught myself and three strangers how to play Nova Luna. The difference was we were using Tabletopia courtesy of BGG Con, which had to pivot to an online conference that year because of the Pandemic. /1



My wife and I love playing Palace with a 52-card deck, but we gave ourselves a challenge. We took the exquisite River and Stone deck created by @bethsobel and devised a way to include her four extra cards in the game.


Please playtest and let me know what you think!

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I have created a “game selection tool” based on the ranking and game lengths of games as given on BoardGameGeek.

So you have 30 mins and 4 players? Play Crew! Find more suggestions in the link.

Also note that there are som “gaps” for us designers to fill at high player counts!

Origin of the SpielMas festival 

Back in late 2019, I was starting to form an online gaming group of grad school friends. When the Pandemic hit, it became our refuge, though we had no idea for how long. We continued to play on Tuesday evenings, but each winter we began to celebrate the amazing privilege we had of making a connection by playing games.

Come join us and celebrate by playing one game each night between December 26-31.

Game designer Erik Sundén (Whirling Witchcraft) has created a fantastic resource entitled “The perfect game collection to cover all occasions” over on Board Game Geek.

I know I’ll be using the “Best 2 player game, time: 1 - 30 minutes” section for my wife and I during the upcoming ⛄️ festival!

Which section works best for you?

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