Is this a Musk-like "hard-core" UX job? NN/G job post literally reads: "Super smart: able to figure anything out quickly, very high IQ." 🤦🙄 #ux #design #jobs


@spydergrrl would 2023 finally be the year we stop treating NN/g as the high priests of UX?

@freitag @Guy lol I don't think anyone who's been around for a minute believes that.

@spydergrrl @freitag unfortunately they’re still considered the authority for many established designers 😞

@Guy @freitag thankfully, no one I know in the industry feels that at.

@freitag @Guy I do have to admit that Designing a Web Usability was a very important book in my ux journey, way back when I was a baby techie. I still have it on my bookshelf.

@freitag @spydergrrl absolutely and same here! But so much has evolved since, but it sometimes feels the field is still stuck there when it comes to welcoming new practitioners.

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