So, I finished the final draft for my new DCC Patron and sent it to my zine editor. It kind of feels good, but man… I hope he likes it.

I just got my copy of DCC Lankhmar and I have to say this - I just love this box! The art, the writing and the focus on actually using this on the gaming table, you just feel the love that people put into this. I obviously love Leiber and Lankhmar, so I might be a bit biased - but this one is great, even if you want to play using a different system than DCC.

@kensanata No. I found it moving, actually. The game is not long.

I like this text by @kensanata about running away in Pen&Paper - and especially, how to get players to realize that they should take a tactical retreat right now.

So, this worked out even better than I expected: The absolute newbies did better than *any* other group I put through „Sailors“ before and the old school-like gameplay was natural to them. Everyone wants to finish the adventure and probably play more. This was a success :)

@kensanata @attercap How to get the message "you really should run NOW, you fools!" to the players? - that is the big question for me. I'd like to learn more about that.

Doing a LOT of GM’ing lately - next is a new round of 4 players, 3 of them with absolutely no prior pen&paper experience. I did a lot of thinking how to introduce them to the hobby and I decided to put them through „Sailors on a Starless Sea“, the classic DCC funnel adventure. I am familiar with the module and it has *lots* of excitement per Minute. We’ll see how they deal with the deadliness of a funnel… :demon_content:

@ackthrice I advise my players to avoid typing character bios before getting to know the other characters and how the group works together - they need to decide if they are healers or a mercenary unit, for example. After the first session, they may of course write their backstories - but I warn them beforehand: I will never read them 😇.

@ackthrice This is about correct. It is a lot more „generic“ than Symbaroum with its very distinctive setting and detailed character generation. You built your SotDL character over time, the only major thing to choose at the start is your race.

@ackthrice It is good! I had it for over a year before getting a chance to play - it is the german version and I really wanted to support the small publisher by pre-ordering it. So, yeah - I felt the same. I really enjoyed how fast it gets you to actually playing.

I should add that the world and also the campaign of SotDL is *very* dark and deals with quite a lot of topics that some people may find disturbing, even in the starting adventure. It is Dark Fantasy, after all!

So, our first session in „Shadow of the Demon Lord“ was a success, I think. The system has some inspiration from the 5E (and the OSR, too), but also AGE, WHFRP and even DCC. Characters start classless and advance through specializations, with lots of random tables. It works well - combat is simple and still with some tactical elements. We built the party and finished our first adventure in one sitting, which is something I personally like. We will continue!

@kensanata @hardcorenarrativist yes, Pen & Paper DE („DEutsch“ for the german language community) is using that hashtag.

Today will be my first time playing Shadow of the Demon Lord… I am excited!

My pugilist character found death against a far more powerful opponent. We were playing Malmsturm (german language Sword and Srocery Fate Core Setting) and it was my own idea. Still, I was quite shocked how hard this hit the rest of the group, all experienced players. Whew. They tried really hard to save him, so that his restless ghost haunts now them until he is avenged. Poor Lorko!

Playing „A Dungeon full of Monsters“ with Swords & Wizardry Continual Light… in Roll20. This is… not complicated.

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#FridaysForFuture hat heute in #Bielefeld 12.000 Demonstranten gezählt. Hab wohl nicht alles Überblicken können, für mich sah das so aus als könnte das hinkommen.

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