All this conversation about Fate reminds me to GM another round in the near future... but I also need to play Over The Edge and DCC Lankhmar, first of all...!

@HufflepuffBR @Canageek @lskh Fate has conflict rules, but those does apply to every skill - they don't have special rules for physical combat. I like the way that combat is just *one* way to tell a story, but it also does not focus on tactics.

@lskh @HufflepuffBR @Canageek

On 1. I never had to „coax“ players into anything - If you actually set up your group with connections like Fate (and pbtA games) suggests, they already started interacting before even starting the campaign.

On 2. Let enemies take advantage of the rules and get leverage out of them. That usually works well, players learn quickly.

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„ich würd gern mehr über sowas reden: Vor sechzig Jahren finanzierte ein Gehalt ein Häuschen mit Garten und ein Auto für die vierköpfige Familie. Heute leben zwei Doppelverdiener mit einem Kind in einer Mietwohnung aus Rigips-Platten. via @nzz“

@lskh @HufflepuffBR @Canageek I think it is interesting to see that those two things are actually very, very close to old school style: Creative solutions over reliance on rolls on skills, talents etc.

@redlila that is exactly what I fear. But I still have hope :)

I admit it: I really like how friendly and positive the -rpg community as a whole appears to me.

"Pausing campaign" fills me with dread. It's not that I don't have any other tabletop stuff running ATM, but I like this one and I fear for its feature. But then, they will only play 5E and won't accept any other GM until the regular GM is availlable again. Grrrr. I would have loved to run fill-in adventures...

I am translating RPG theory stuff into german. I kinda like it.

Goodman Games just publishesd a nice little Profile on Lord Dunsany, one of my all time favorites. I just love Dunsany and perhaps YOU should try his stuff, too. A lot of it is public domain… just sayin'.

@bapf sehr gern. Ich muss mal schauen, wann wir dazu kommen. In jedem Fall ein sehr einfaches System, das das Geschehen gut vorantreibt und mit Sicherheit eher cinematisch als realistisch angelegt.

@daisy_todd no, thank you! I was a little bit pompous there, wasn’t I? Sorry. But that is a great band.

@malspoeler I sometimes let my players roll for "defy danger" (is that correct? I use the german version) before the actual task.

@lskh I personally prefer that a trained Archer is a force to be reckoned with. BUT when you are not using miniatures and there is no concept of cover for the enemies, archery can be extremely deadly. So, I can see why this was changed later...

@kensanata well said. In the end, “OSR” and “Old School” are attempts to label a feeling. Poets, scholars and others have been very busy defining “love” since the advent of time itself and they are still not even close to come to an end 😎

@kensanata the “old school” thing… yeah, I use that myself but I feel it is problematic in a lot of ways, because there are literally hundreds of attempts to really define that. Is it “older male gamers trying to recreate their youth”? “Games older than [XX]” or “something similiar to a game TSR once published”? Is RuneQuest more or less old school than Labyrinth Lord? Is Beyond the Wall OSR, even when it has storygame-like aspects like players strongly involved in world-building? NOT EASY.

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