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I‘m from Germany and I‘ve been playing RPGs for many years - over 20, I guess.

I love to write my own modules, and I am looking forward to try new worlds, new systems and just have fun with great people.

New stuff and OSR and some D&D, too.

I almost always feel a bit anxious about publishing stuff in an established world/setting. Perhaps some of you can relate – I think the relative lack of elaborate game worlds is one of the reasons for the OSR/old school community's high productivity and some of their often very creative ideas. On the other hand, I really love fantastic worlds – of COURSE I want to set something in Lankhmar, on the Dying Earth or Glorantha. But I want to do it right. Stuff is complicated, folks! 🤣

BUT the new and second issue of our german-language DCC Zine will be out for SPIEL digital in October or so – I wrote a lengthy module for that and I am hoping some folks will like it. I'll post more info and cover art when we get closer.

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A little bit too tired to write anything worthwhile or GM well – I really need some time off work and I'll get it later this month. IF everything works out the way I planned it. Well…

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Also an alle #Spielleiter die gerne mal #pnp runden leiten wollten und keine Ideen haben oder einfach neue Wege beschreiten wollen. Dieses Buch kann ich dafür wirklich empfehlen:


Hey, are you still here? I took a really deep dive into gloranthan lore and oh yes, I loved every second.

I just finished and pressed „send mail“ for three projects I have been working on for some time. There is this great feeling of accomplishment, just short of holding a published, printed piece in your hand – but it is also so very scary. What if this is just not good at all? Anyway, we’ll see.

I could never settle on just one rule system forever. When I’ve played strory games for a while, I want to go old school. After I did some old school stuff, I just might go for a deep, long traditional campaign. Is it just me?

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to quote Ursula K. Le Guin:

We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings.

Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begins in art, and very often in our art, the art of words.

see also:

original source:

#capitalism #FightForJustice

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Finished by second playtest for Unexplored, my game about exploration and conflict about a group of people who go through ruins trying to find treasure (it's somewhat inspired by the video game series Uncharted):

This time it was a historian ("The first-timer") that wanted to find an Elf prince ring, and convinces a hunter ("The desperate") to go with him. It ended up well, and it was fun.

It's more focused on the world-building than I thought, but it's fun to play.

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Kritik ist Liebe.

Wer besser werden will braucht Kritik. Umarme sie. Sie liebt Dich.

The first DCC zine in german. I really loved helping to put this together.

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Das erste deutsche Dungeon Crawl Classics Fanzine ist fertig - die Erstausgabe von „Der Trichter“ steht an und ich habe daran mitgearbeitet. Ich bin sowas von gespannt wie das Ding ankommt…! #pnpde #tabletop #dccrpg

I have to say: I am really impressed by . CC3+ maystill be way more powerful, but this is actually fun to use and you get usable results quickly. It is also relatively cheap and well supported, but - being alpha - it crashes often. My mapping problems may be solved.

I got the Lyonesse RPG by The Design Mechanism on a whim and because of my never-ending love of Jack Vance’s trilogy. It has lots of rules (Mythras/D%/BRP), it is 500+ pages and also POD/PDF only and it is *absolutely* not cheap. I should hate this mammoth of a game. But, instead I really like it – it helps that it is just beautiful and really a joy to read. I’ll probably never play this, but I sure hope I will.

Feels good to be working on a module again. Especially because the writing really seems to flow well at the moment - obviously it did, because I completely forgot dinner.

Well, this was tons of fun. Goodman Games may not be the most… digital of the publishers, but they do these workshops really well. The “Social Events” which a basically casual Zoom video conferences are a blast, too. So, they are doing some things right.

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„How to Write Adventures That Don't Suck“ at Cyclops Con in a few minutes. Looking forward to it!

Got some nice stuff in the mail: It’s James A. Pozenel’s „The House of the Red Doors“, a one-on-one 3rd party funnel module for DCC. This one is looking really nice, especially considering that it is „only“ a POD.
This’ll come handy as I am going to run a session with a single first time player soon. I really like that this is a dungeon, but somewhat deeper on another level. Great!

So this worked out fine, I think. Lots (!) of technical difficulties on the side of the players - I learned like that good sound quality from mic and reliable video from the cam… is no problem on a mac, but absolutely not on a random cheapo notebook.

But the game itself went well. The players understood roll20 a LOT faster than myself and the tool did not get into our way, which I appreciate a lot. It helps that the module is not overly complicated, as is DCC. Fun. We’ll continue.

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Well, this is it: My big premiere as a GM in Roll20. I’ll run DCC (so it should probably be „my premiere as a Judge“?) for my regular group and I prepared „The Queen of Elfland’s Son“ for them.

So this is that stage fright some people talk about!

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