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I‘m from Germany and I‘ve been playing RPGs for many years - over 20, I guess.

I love to write my own modules, and I am looking forward to try new worlds, new systems and just have fun with great people.

New stuff and OSR and some D&D, too.

All this conversation about Fate reminds me to GM another round in the near future... but I also need to play Over The Edge and DCC Lankhmar, first of all...!

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„ich würd gern mehr über sowas reden: Vor sechzig Jahren finanzierte ein Gehalt ein Häuschen mit Garten und ein Auto für die vierköpfige Familie. Heute leben zwei Doppelverdiener mit einem Kind in einer Mietwohnung aus Rigips-Platten. via @nzz“

I admit it: I really like how friendly and positive the -rpg community as a whole appears to me.

"Pausing campaign" fills me with dread. It's not that I don't have any other tabletop stuff running ATM, but I like this one and I fear for its feature. But then, they will only play 5E and won't accept any other GM until the regular GM is availlable again. Grrrr. I would have loved to run fill-in adventures...

I am translating RPG theory stuff into german. I kinda like it.

Goodman Games just publishesd a nice little Profile on Lord Dunsany, one of my all time favorites. I just love Dunsany and perhaps YOU should try his stuff, too. A lot of it is public domain… just sayin'.

Just ended our 2-part Adventure in . I nearly forgot how much fun this game is and how well it works with a good GM and active players. I really want to continue playing my barbarian Fionn the Insatiable! Actually, I tend to play barbarian dunderheads with some added depth - should that tell me something about myself? Hmm. :-P

I was told again that combat in RPGs is the most boring, most repetitive part of a fantasy campaign. It should not be either. Every skirmish should be unique and memorable and fun and it is relatively easy to do, i think. I’ll probably put something to paper on this.

Some thoughts: There are days when "all out combat!" just works great. I tend to believe thant "fun combat" is mostly "something does not work out as planned". My group is not big on battle tactice and careful planning UNTIL something/someone fails in a spectacular fashion and they have to be creative to save the day.
I can see why some people like to have lots of chaos and random stuff in their combat and spellcasting rules.

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UPDATE/CORRECTION: I have a 3000 word piece that needs a diversity review by 13 June. The reviewer must be a PoC, and preferably a black woman from the American South, as that's the character involved. FASA Games Inc. will pay the going rate. Please contact me privately if interested.

A great D&D 5e round tonight - slew a small dragon and an hag, plus a strange troll construct and just barely saved our warlock, buuuut… our Balgura Demon is on the lose - a nice cliffhanger until next week. It was just so much fun.

I kinda want to write up some more adventures, some of them would have old-school dungeons. I gather there is no map drawing tool that helps making old school b/w dungeon maps fun, right? Dungeon Cartographer feels so much like hard work that I actually prefer to draw them by hand. Any ideas?

Y’know, there are some Kickstarter projects I support because they are just SO cool and inspiring to me - I just love the art design of MÖRK BORG and it’s attitude in general. Plus, they are not asking for that much money for the physical books.

So I decided to leave my budding Earthdawn round - 7 weeks in and not a single character built, but lots of talk and intricate planning done by the GM. I feel bad for leaving them, because they are quite nice people. Still, I feel like this rules-heavy and ultra-detailed way of playing does no longer fit into my life - me being 44 and working full time - also, my tastes have changed a LOT towards faster, looser styles, be it more into direction of the old school or storytelling.

My first experience of Dungeon World as a player and it was just so much fun - it is so easy to play! Great. Now I want to DM it again…

It really sucks when your online session does not happen because of technical difficulties, i.e. Hangouts/Discord/Roll20 not working for one or more players. *sigh*

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