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@giant_kumquat Online gaming is just harder than F2F. The tech can usually be made to work, but it's draining. Short sessions are probably better. Also, it's easier to be distracted when you're in an online session than at the table. I have to mentally psych myself up to get online for a game.

D&D 5e works ok - lots of tools out there that can be used for online play (e.g., D&D Beyond). I run an Expanse game (Zoom/roll20) and that works pretty well.

I can't be the only one who finds playing RPGs remotely to be draining, no matter how good the tech is. Sometimes the thought of setting up to join a game and sit in a chair for a few hours to play (or run) makes me want to just forget it.

@attercap I like character *development*, which often implies getting better at things, whether it's changing stats, bumping skills, or getting tools and equipment that does it.
Also, RPG stories need to not get stale, often by raising stakes = increasing challenges, requiring better stats, etc., in game mechanics terms to succeed.
Advancement is an aspect of development for me.

@Provinto I have a blog in which I shared worldbuilding with a bunch of friends, based on a seed idea (a city) I had been thinking about for years. We created lore, people did different things in different directions, and it all became canon. There was some very cool stuff. Some might be directly useful for storytelling or games, but much was just background. E.g., someone did an excerpt from a scholarly paper about a children's counting rhyme.

Sadly, participation fizzled, as such things do.

Expanse RPG, gaming in the time of COVID-19 

Meant to post last week.

I ran Part II of the first episode of my Expanse RPG game last Tuesday via Zoom and The PCs infiltrated a secret lab on an asteroid, had a firefight with base security, rescued a couple of scientists who didn't want to be rescued, and escaped just before the base self-destructed. Oh, and made a couple of enemies they don't know about.

The tech worked like a charm.

S1E2 in about a week!

@attercap I volunteer as tribute. Or playtester via Discord, etc., or consultant.

@MatrixScrolls New personal best: 12122, thanks to a paradise world discovered early, with alien technology to boost my scientific level.

@MatrixScrolls Yeah, that's the only way you can get higher than 11000, I think. (And I found out about the 11000 limit during one game when ...
... I stumbled on a Dyson sphere with an advanced civilization that offered to put all my colonists into a perfect simulation, restored to 100% on everything.

@MatrixScrolls This is pretty cool. My best is 11060. I note that the maximum if you keep (or restore) everything to initial conditions on the new colony is 11000.

There’s already been a post abt this game, but seedship is really good. It’s about trying to find humanity a new home after earth.

It’s challenging in a fun way, will you save earths cultural or scientific knowledge from a meteor?

Do you risk damaging your planetary temperature scanners or a random part of the ship?

My highest score was 11792

re: USpol adjacent 

@Garrison Every day is a fantastic day not to be on Twitter. For some reason that doesn't keep me from being on Twitter.

@tabletopchallenge I'm not sure what this challenge is looking for. Is it artwork? Writing? What?

Am I the only one who thinks the Disease Namers should have called it CORVID-19 and given it a cool raven logo?

@attercap It was definitely math-heavy. Character creation was a slog, especially since there was no way to really build the concept you wanted within the points structure. In order to have anything like the powers you needed, you had to take serious flaws. (I had one character who was supposed to be superfast - and he was, but as a result, he did virtually no damage when he hit.)

In play, I didn't notice as much math.

@attercap I only ever played Champions and a little V&V, and it's been so long that I can't remember much about V&V. I really enjoyed Champions, though.

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