Greetings, humans of Mastodon. I'm an old guy, pronouns he/him, ex-lawyer, current legal writer/editor, aspiring fiction writer (sf/f), gamer (board, RPG, LARP), bass player, family man, politically left (more so than when I was younger, surprisingly). Ask me something. You never know, I might answer.

@Golux13 Welcome! Feel free to start or jump into conversations, we're all very friendly here =)

@Golux13 What kind of scifi do you tend to read? And what are you kicking around writing wise?

@paintandwires I read pretty much anything. I basically haunt the New SF section at my local library. Some favorites include Jack Vance, Iain M. Banks, John Scalzi, N.K. Jemisin, the list could go on interminably.

Writing... next toot.

@paintandwires Things I have been kicking around and trying to write, in no particular order:
An sf novel in a universe where FTL travel only goes to limited locations, and everyone is scrambling for a hypothetical mathematical key that will open it up to travel freely.
A noir detective story in the setting of the Invisible Sun RPG (I'm also running an Invisible Sun game, though the story is not connected directly to the game.)

@Golux13 Welcome to the table, Exiled Goetic!

Where are you exiled from? Also, what games do you play?

@Yoric RPGS: I run an Invisible Sun game (and the noir fiction I'm contemplating in that setting is where "Exiled Goetic" comes from). I play in:
1 or 2 D&D 5e campaigns, 1 Traveller, 1 Hunter: The Vigil, and a chronicle LARP.

Board games: Too many to list, but I am a high priest in the Cult of the New.

@Golux13 Welcome to Mastodon. Who ever said as you get older you become more conservative was full of hot air.

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