I can't be the only one who finds playing RPGs remotely to be draining, no matter how good the tech is. Sometimes the thought of setting up to join a game and sit in a chair for a few hours to play (or run) makes me want to just forget it.

Expanse RPG, gaming in the time of COVID-19 

Meant to post last week.

I ran Part II of the first episode of my Expanse RPG game last Tuesday via Zoom and roll20.net. The PCs infiltrated a secret lab on an asteroid, had a firefight with base security, rescued a couple of scientists who didn't want to be rescued, and escaped just before the base self-destructed. Oh, and made a couple of enemies they don't know about.

The tech worked like a charm.

S1E2 in about a week!


There’s already been a post abt this game, but seedship is really good. It’s about trying to find humanity a new home after earth.

It’s challenging in a fun way, will you save earths cultural or scientific knowledge from a meteor?

Do you risk damaging your planetary temperature scanners or a random part of the ship?

My highest score was 11792

Am I the only one who thinks the Disease Namers should have called it CORVID-19 and given it a cool raven logo?

@Golux13 I normally just start up gaming as usual, unless the group is typically brittle to new people. But, given that I've sat at the same table with you, I don't think that's the case with most of your squad. I only knew Rex when I joined his games.

Keeping the first sessions about the PCs getting to know each other can also be a good lead-in with a new player to the table.

Question for GMs: Suppose you are starting a new game with a group of players all of whom know each other to some degree, and another friend who doesn't know the others asks to join.

What do you do to help the new player get comfortable with the group and vice versa?

(I may be overthinking this, but it may be happening with my about-to-start Expanse RPG campaign, so any thoughts would be appreciated.)

Here's what my RPGing looks like these days:

PLAY: D&D 5e (x2), Traveller, Hunter: The Vigil

PLAY WISH LIST: Geist 2.0, Numenera, 13th Age

GM: Invisible Sun, The Expanse

GM WISH LIST: Atomic Robo (FATE), Call of Cthulhu (? edition)

I do not have the time for all of these, which means they meet irregularly.

There are undoubtedly more things on my wish lists, but this is off the top of my head.

Jeebs, I almost totally forgot about this place. Why didn't you people remind me?

My vow for 2020: I *will* get The Expanse RPG to the table. This is not optional.

Dunno if anybody here has read the DIE comics by Kieron Gillen (and if not, I recommend it), but this is now available in the world:

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