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I officially have the coolest notebook and dice bag for our game. I haven't gone so far as to get a quill dip pen....... yet

If anyone is interested, I made an Excel-based character sheet for the Masquerade 5th Edition that calculates/pulls in a lot of the fields for you when you fill in the option fields. If you use it to track damage, it will also indicate when you are impaired or torpid or socially breaking down.

we probably don't need to know their ages to the day, i'm just going to use the year in my spreadsheet

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just realized that i can't reliably use an excel formula to calculate vampire ages from birthdates because excel dates don't go any earlier than 1900.

what a minor inconvenience

Anyone have any advice on transitioning from running a D&D game to running a Vampire the Masquerade game? I volunteered myself without knowing much about Vampire lol. The consolation prize is that all the players will probably be first-timers too.

self-promotion, TTRPG miniatures 

With my 3D printer finally up and running and reliable, I re-activated the custom order option on my Etsy shop. Check it out if you're in the market for a mini at a good price.

"The Disaster Artist," except it's about me making 3D prints

3D printing technical stuff 

After I finish with Obligations, I really need to learn how to print with ABS so I can replace the PLA-printed printer components that keep sagging in the heat of the garage and going out of alignment.

I still have some cleanup to do on these guys, but I'm finally almost able to fill my only outstanding Etsy order, and they've been very patient with my persnickety constantly-breaking printer.

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