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3D printing 

Aftermarket mods I have installed on my Ender 3:

- BL Touch auto-leveler
- Bullseye extruder housing and fan guide
- Dual Z rod
- Filament sensor
- OctoPrint
- Webcam
- Underside power supply mount
- Internally powered LEDs on the top bar and extruder
- All-metal Bowden extruder
- Direct extruder drive

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Now that I have the filament sensor and direct extruder drive installed on my Creality Ender 3 , I think it's pretty close to its Final Form. I just need to spend some time arranging cables and making everything all neat and tidy.

lewd + gross quotes from discussions of D&D 

ok imma need the backstory of how you came to fuck a dead body in a campaign

all that futzing with my printer settings clearly paid off - this is straight off the printer plate with no post-print processing yet, and it looks really really good! there's still some room for improvement, but i'm very happy about this.

3D printing 

Installed an underside power supply mount on my ender 3 (the power supply had to be moved because of the dual z rod installation), and i gotta say it's a very satisfying place to stow it

i think my next project is gonna be to learn how to print with ABS, so I can make tougher parts

declaring my etsy store to be an essential business

i'm about to attempt to install a second z rod onto my 3d printer, wish me luck

still not perfect, but, after much pain and suffering, WOW has it gotten a lot better.

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re: etsy store 

i've been doing upgrades and recalibrating my 3D printer settings to hopefully improve the quality of my minis, which is why i haven't posted any lately.

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Stringing has once again reared its ugly head, and I'm not sure what's going on

getting a friend who's much smarter and more technically inclined than me into 3D printing so that I can get his advice: paying off

taking the time to try to exactly calibrate the Z probe offset on my

Latest additions to my : a far too long and elaborate webcam arm so that I can get better angles for remote viewing, and a filament sensor that will automatically pause the print when my current filament spool is almost empty.

Me: They don't seem to understand you. They answer you in a language you recognize as draconic.

Player: Uh, I try to convince them that I speak draconic.

Me: ..... Okay, roll deception.

Player: *rolls* 27!

Me: ... Okay... They believe you speak draconic. Now what?

Player: ................................................................

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