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i think my next project is gonna be to learn how to print with ABS, so I can make tougher parts

declaring my etsy store to be an essential business

i'm about to attempt to install a second z rod onto my 3d printer, wish me luck

still not perfect, but, after much pain and suffering, WOW has it gotten a lot better.

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re: etsy store 

i've been doing upgrades and recalibrating my 3D printer settings to hopefully improve the quality of my minis, which is why i haven't posted any lately.

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Stringing has once again reared its ugly head, and I'm not sure what's going on

getting a friend who's much smarter and more technically inclined than me into 3D printing so that I can get his advice: paying off

taking the time to try to exactly calibrate the Z probe offset on my

Latest additions to my : a far too long and elaborate webcam arm so that I can get better angles for remote viewing, and a filament sensor that will automatically pause the print when my current filament spool is almost empty.

Me: They don't seem to understand you. They answer you in a language you recognize as draconic.

Player: Uh, I try to convince them that I speak draconic.

Me: ..... Okay, roll deception.

Player: *rolls* 27!

Me: ... Okay... They believe you speak draconic. Now what?

Player: ................................................................

I have started a new "main" account at @Garrison so that I can stick to using this account for TTRPG and 3D printing stuff.

My octodon account will be more for diary/miscellaneous-type posts.

Feel free to follow!

thanks to the new angle on my monitoring camera, I don't even have to be at home to be able to tell that this completed print is fucked up!

D&D group, illness, mental health 

D&D tomorrow... maybe. one of our players is going through a mental health crisis and another is helping take care of his hospitalized mother, so it's iffy.

i've tried to make sure they understand that care for themselves and their families is absolutely 100% more important than D&D, and they can take all the time away they need at any time, and there will always be a spot for them when they are able to return.

if you tried to follow me on octodon
(@Garrison) earlier, you might want to check the request. since i accidentally blocked my follow list (oops) some of the requests got borked.

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