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That hand, incidentally, broke off by accident when I was cleaning up the print, but I was like, hey, not like a zombie might not lose a hand, either before or after death. Let's go with it.

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Not exactly my intention, but so far this zombie kinda looks like it's wearing a flight jacket.

Things overheard at the Renaissance Festival:

"If you are up at two o'clock in the morning playing the bongo, I will come down with this crossbow to shoot ya."

"Because it's fucking cool! What do you mean why did I get it?"

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AT&T didn't exist during the Renaissance, and it apparently doesn't exist at the Texas Renaissance Festival either.

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Streaming everyone's favorite bizarre discount Castlevania game, Blasphemous.

tonight, starting the 3e Heart Of Nightfang Spire module. Vote now on what weird thing my players will do (multiple possible):

Possible practical uses against a boss:

- Shrink her greataxe, effectively disarming her.
- Shatter the window next to her, distracting her and forcing her to walk on broken glass if she moves.
- Open the door as she walks past, smacking it into her.
- Force her to dance, rendering her unable to fight.
- Allow the rogue to jump immediately behind her from across the room for a backstab.

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Among the more fun choices:
- Ventriloquism (magically throw your voice)
- Shrink Item (shrink an item by 1/12 size)
- Shatter (create a loud noise that shatters all glass and similarly fragile objects in a 3-foot radius)
- Secret Page (alter the contents of a page of paper to be something entirely different)
- Otto's Irresistible Dance (force a subject to dance)
- Open/Close (open or close anything that is light and unlocked)
- Jump (make someone be able to jump really high)

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I want to play a sorcerer at some point who learns every spell that I think is the LEAST useful of those available at every opportunity, and see how that works out.

The kind of texts you might expect to get from me while I'm reading a module.

Anyone else on noticing, at least on desktop, that the notifications and home timeline stop updating after a while until you reload the page?

Tech job seeking advice needed 

Hey all, I can't concentrate at work and I've been wondering about this recently, so, an ask for advice. I have scattered tech skills. 4 years fixing servers (mostly hardware repair/replacement and general datacenter work), some Python, some Java, and the sort of Linux and IT support skills you get from messing around on your own. I have a keen interest in infosec, but it's on the general theory knowledge side of things. (1/?)

Fresh off the 3D printer this morning, an entire herd of zombies.

Herd? Do zombies travel in herds? Pack? Pod? Murder?

"The local Baron, Lord J͟e͟f͟f͟, has put out a call for any available s͟i͟l͟l͟y͟ adventurers to help fight the f͟e͟r͟r͟e͟t͟ that is menacing their land. It's said that he will reward 500 e͟u͟r͟o͟s͟ to anyone proving that they have slain Borgarmol the T͟a͟x͟ ͟A͟c͟c͟o͟u͟n͟t͟a͟n͟t͟."

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To make more interesting, cross out some key words in your adventure module and replace them by playing Mad Libs.

The Lost Libraries of Backstory that DMs Wrote, but Players Missed

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