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Just remembered that the gargoyle in the module we're going to be playing is Large, so I should have scaled this up before I printed it. 🤦‍♂️​

if "Ironic" were about D&D 

Let's look at something I SUCCESSFULLY 3D printed for a change: this cool little snap-close hinged box, which printed all in one piece!

Despite my best efforts,* this gargoyle mini keeps coming out mangled.

*By "best efforts," I mean "my terrible ability at placing supports."

The 1982 French 2-franc coin that I use as a d2. It has a giant 2 on the reverse, and the standing lady on the obverse looks kinda like a 1.

It cost a couple of bucks on ebay, and it's a much more aesthetically-pleasing d2 than "odds/evens" on a d6.

tfw a print fucks up badly, but it's kinda okay bc maybe it's a really old dilapidated statue

D&D Alignment talk pt 4 

D&D Alignment talk pt 3 

D&D Alignment talk pt 2 

D&D Alignment talk pt 1 

The correct way so play Lawful Good is like R. Giskard Reventlov in Asimov's "Robots and Empire."

"The Gentleorc from the Bonecrusher Tribe has the floor."

Once my 3D printer is fixed, I think I'll livetoot my process of printing a mini through cleaning it up, priming it, and painting it.

This is the only mini I've ever printed where the visible print lines actually kind of ADD to the effect.

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