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@squeedoodle i've considered making another account on here and just posting follower-only about it.

TTRPG worldbuilding strategies: make something mysterious, but don't make up an explanation to the mystery yet. i can come up with something cool if the players decide to explore it, possibly even something relevant to the story so far

one of our players is a huge twilight fan, so i really need to find ways of working in references.

but without having to read twilight.

because fuck that.

(i'm already setting the game in seattle just because of that 😅​)

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Doing a session zero for character creation for our Vampire the Masquerade game tomorrow, I'm so excited! XD

Imagery of wounds and blood, not very graphic 

Four zombies, 3D printed and painted by me for a commission for my Etsy store.

So I got a commission to create a dice tower based on the Ghostbusters firehouse for 3d printing. Was a really fun project so if anyone else wants something similar hit me up!

Four goblin fighters, 3D printed and painted by me for a commission on my Etsy store.

The half a spider I accidentally 3D printed actually came out looking pretty creepy

I officially have the coolest notebook and dice bag for our game. I haven't gone so far as to get a quill dip pen....... yet

If anyone is interested, I made an Excel-based character sheet for the Masquerade 5th Edition that calculates/pulls in a lot of the fields for you when you fill in the option fields. If you use it to track damage, it will also indicate when you are impaired or torpid or socially breaking down.

we probably don't need to know their ages to the day, i'm just going to use the year in my spreadsheet

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just realized that i can't reliably use an excel formula to calculate vampire ages from birthdates because excel dates don't go any earlier than 1900.

what a minor inconvenience

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