I still have some cleanup to do on these guys, but I'm finally almost able to fill my only outstanding Etsy order, and they've been very patient with my persnickety constantly-breaking printer.

what to do when a mini 3D print halts prematurely, without a head? well, i had a dumb idea.

my etsy shop 

+10 for the good review, -1 for grammar and spelling

Test print in PLA vs the same test print in ABS.

I got some work to do.

3D printing 

In case you're wondering how to bypass your filament sensor with minimal effort: guess what, losers, we're NEVER running out of filament!

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3D printing 

i love the little GIFs that the OctoPrint telegram addon will send you if you ask it for your print status.

i've got a pretty good camera angle now to do a nice pretty timelapse video, i'll try to remember to do that on the next one.

all that futzing with my printer settings clearly paid off - this is straight off the printer plate with no post-print processing yet, and it looks really really good! there's still some room for improvement, but i'm very happy about this.

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