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+10 for the good review, -1 for grammar and spelling

Test print in PLA vs the same test print in ABS.

I got some work to do.

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In case you're wondering how to bypass your filament sensor with minimal effort: guess what, losers, we're NEVER running out of filament!

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i love the little GIFs that the OctoPrint telegram addon will send you if you ask it for your print status.

i've got a pretty good camera angle now to do a nice pretty timelapse video, i'll try to remember to do that on the next one.

all that futzing with my printer settings clearly paid off - this is straight off the printer plate with no post-print processing yet, and it looks really really good! there's still some room for improvement, but i'm very happy about this.

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Installed an underside power supply mount on my ender 3 (the power supply had to be moved because of the dual z rod installation), and i gotta say it's a very satisfying place to stow it

still not perfect, but, after much pain and suffering, WOW has it gotten a lot better.

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Stringing has once again reared its ugly head, and I'm not sure what's going on

Latest additions to my : a far too long and elaborate webcam arm so that I can get better angles for remote viewing, and a filament sensor that will automatically pause the print when my current filament spool is almost empty.

thanks to the new angle on my monitoring camera, I don't even have to be at home to be able to tell that this completed print is fucked up!

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i really need to focus my monitoring camera

also, i just noticed that my new extruder enclosure/fan guide looks kinda like a toilet

how about the ability to hide individual posts i don't want to see, without blocking anyone or muting anything. sometimes there's just a single outlier post and i don't want to make any permanent changes to my account over it. facebook has such a feature ("see fewer posts like this" obviously irrelevant) @Gargron

(this is not a subtoot of anyone following me on this account)

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