"i don't really know why i printed this bear man... i guess i assumed someone would probably like a bear man."

Fluid ounces are different from avoirdupois ounces? What a country!

now starting on 3D printing two of these mofos, and i'll have enough space for all my paints and it'll be nice and cozy working inside the curves of the racks!


guess whose neighbor's shitty palm trees are now trying to kill people?

pic is from GF; i haven't seen it yet but she says there is miraculously no damage caused.

Last night I finally finished the last of the 11 minis custom-ordered from my Etsy store

Aarakocra ranger mini, second to last mini I need to finish for the custom order I got.

One of our players is rerolling a gnome barbarian that he's insisting on naming David, so I just went ahead and made his mini David the Gnome.

with webcam monitoring: installed and apparently finally working reliably. The Raspberry Pi casing is even out of the way. :P

Those of you who know and who, unlike me, are NOT dumbasses will recognize the immediate problem with where I initially decided to install my Raspberry Pi casing...

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