vampire the masquerade, spreadsheets 

someone: you could just look that up when you need to. or memorize it. you don't need to put it in a spreadsheet.


Have I finally found the Perfect Mounting Solution for my 3D printer monitoring webcam? Who can say?

Imagery of wounds and blood, not very graphic 

Four zombies, 3D printed and painted by me for a commission for my Etsy store.

Four goblin fighters, 3D printed and painted by me for a commission on my Etsy store.

The half a spider I accidentally 3D printed actually came out looking pretty creepy

I officially have the coolest notebook and dice bag for our game. I haven't gone so far as to get a quill dip pen....... yet

I still have some cleanup to do on these guys, but I'm finally almost able to fill my only outstanding Etsy order, and they've been very patient with my persnickety constantly-breaking printer.

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