TTRPG worldbuilding strategies: make something mysterious, but don't make up an explanation to the mystery yet. i can come up with something cool if the players decide to explore it, possibly even something relevant to the story so far

@Garrison Even better, half the time my players come up with better solutions when trying to work it out so I just nick them


@ackthrice i LOVE it when my players come up with solutions i or the module didn't think of, and i usually reward them for it

@ackthrice there's a story i've heard penn jillette tell about a card trick he for steven spielburg at a party. penn had laid out a bunch of cards and was going to have steven pick one. penn was going to "force" steven to pick the card that penn wanted him to pick, but steven reached out and grabbed a card early.

it happened to be the card that penn was going to force.

penn didn't bat an eye and ran with it.

that's what i try to do when my players do something unexpected that works. 😂​

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