Doing a session zero for character creation for our Vampire the Masquerade game tomorrow, I'm so excited! XD

one of our players is a huge twilight fan, so i really need to find ways of working in references.

but without having to read twilight.

because fuck that.

(i'm already setting the game in seattle just because of that 😅​)

@Garrison oh fuck yeah! VtM always sounded like a blast, I hope you have a great time

@Garrison Things I've learned with my group
1) Keep a copy of their stats! set a difficulty for something and if they can reasonably meet that difficulty [wits+awareness for example] just give them the pass. I go on if their dots is at least 2x the difficulty, I give it them on passive stuff.

2) Remember their feeding styles, punish them for not feeding, and make that hunger burn. My messy criticals and beastial fails may not be instantly obvious, but they absolutely hate my mind at this point😜

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