@Garrison where are you getting these minis from? I’m over here trying to steal files from the developer console in chrome off of Hero Forge.

@z if you join his patreon, he gives you access to all his files in Google drive, including the blender files. But the STL files are all free regardless

@Garrison that’s tempting. I was messing around with desktophero3d.com a bit earlier but some of the things are not free which is weird and not well explained until after you’ve built the customized mini

@z I like the idea of desktop hero but I've never gotten great models out of it, at least compared to what I can find elsewhere for free

@Garrison I really liked that I could pose the models to my personal preference and such. I want to get at least one so I can see how it prints. I’ve book marked a bunch from The DM Workshop minis to print later.

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