started. I feel pretty good about having all my notes in one place with a structured way of thinking about it. I'm doing work and personal notes together for now, but might think of getting a separate journal for work if it really becomes a Thing. However, I think it'll help my thinking to keep them all together.

@Garrison I've been bujo-ing for a couple years. It's basically entirely responsible for the fact that I get anything done. Highly recommend.

As for work v personal, I ended up using different kinds of "bullets" for them, so they're in the same place but still easily distinguishable. Maybe that will work for you too. :)

@ossifog decided to go with the dot for personal tasks and a square for work tasks, i think it does make my notes easier to visually separate on the page

@deastiny lol. i've never had anyone ask me to show them my notes, in school or work.

@deastiny must be different in different places. i'd find it shocking and inappropriate for my boss to ask to root through my notes, and i'd say so.

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