Jeez, this is by far the most popular thing I've ever tooted. That just goes to show you something, probably.

For the curious, here's the source of the 3D print file:

the mighty fucktopus has gotten 300 favs 🎉​

@Garrison Fun fact: fuctopuses are indigenous to the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. Specifically near and around Seattle. It's true.

@Garrison This will make a great conversation starter. Or stopper.

@Garrison I love this so much it’s borderline erotic

@Garrison :o
Do you have a STL to share ? It's to put next the dinodick :D

@rubah First thought: no don't use plastic for crap it's a
Second thought: wait, I should leave this on the sports car that takes up two parking spots

@Garrison Wish I had a 3D printer! I'd pay somebody to make me one of these. lol

@Garrison I don't know how much it costs you to make such a thing. lol Name your price.

@t3dus eh, 5 bucks plus shipping?

(FYI the original design* is licensed under a creative commons - attribution - share alike license**, so i am legally allowed to sell prints, with attribution)


@Garrison Want me to send you my address to calculate shipping costs or? I'm in Iowa.

@Garrison I still need to print mine! I had to side step and work on upgrades and repairs as my hot end blew up during a long print :(

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