I want to play a sorcerer at some point who learns every spell that I think is the LEAST useful of those available at every opportunity, and see how that works out.

Among the more fun choices:
- Ventriloquism (magically throw your voice)
- Shrink Item (shrink an item by 1/12 size)
- Shatter (create a loud noise that shatters all glass and similarly fragile objects in a 3-foot radius)
- Secret Page (alter the contents of a page of paper to be something entirely different)
- Otto's Irresistible Dance (force a subject to dance)
- Open/Close (open or close anything that is light and unlocked)
- Jump (make someone be able to jump really high)

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Possible practical uses against a boss:

- Shrink her greataxe, effectively disarming her.
- Shatter the window next to her, distracting her and forcing her to walk on broken glass if she moves.
- Open the door as she walks past, smacking it into her.
- Force her to dance, rendering her unable to fight.
- Allow the rogue to jump immediately behind her from across the room for a backstab.

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@Garrison ... but like, you can actually attack with Shatter...

@nekobakaz I'm going by 3e, which is what I know best. According to it, you can only use Shatter to attack crystaline creatures.

@Garrison yeah, it’s been a long time since I played 3e; Shatter in 5e is a regular spell for my tempest cleric, so I was like “????” :)

@nekobakaz I should have been clear what system I was referring to lol

@nekobakaz an unfortunate barrier to that, which I didn't consider, is that Shrink is a touch spell, so you'd have to run up and grab the enemy's weapon (contested dex check?), but I think it would be hilarious enough to be worth it.

@Garrison ooooooh, i was considering whether my necromancer could take it (cha based wizard/sor with healing spells and special death abilities; i love the build) but she is light armor and squishy

@nekobakaz yeah it would be tough to use effectively in the way i described, but i'm gonna keep pondering how to make it work

@Garrison **cackles** in 5e enlarge/reduce is a ranged spell; can’t target anything carried, but shrinking a creature shrinks their gear, so they deal 1d4 less dmg and have disadvantage on strength checks and throws. Concentration spell though

@nekobakaz Now pondering how/if momentum would be conserved if one were to knock the tiny weapon out of the enemy's hand with a club, say, and per the spell it enlarged back to normal at the very instant it began to fly across the room 🤔​

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