Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 1 

I was DMing Forge of Fury, and the players had come into the mountain the back way and were making their way up into the orc-controlled areas. At one point, they found a doorway that, as far as they could tell, led towards the front entrance, which they had previously scouted and thus knew there were orcs there. So what did they do? They knocked on the door and then ran and hid.

Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 2 

An orc opened the door, perplexed, badly failed an intelligence check, and then walked out alone to investigate. Once he had wandered a fair distance from the door, the players killed him... and then repeated the door knocking and hiding routine.

Now more properly suspicious, a group of orcs came out and split up to try to figure out what was going on.

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Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 3 

The players attacked one group, and the noise began attracting more groups, which they relatively handily dealt with. At this point, they repeated the door knocking gag, just to be sure if they'd gotten everyone or not.

After remaining hidden for a few minutes, they heard faint footsteps passing from a room south of them (the door was to the west), to the north, and then fade away... oops.

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Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 4 

Turns out one of the group of orcs that had come out had decided to remain hidden when they heard the slaughter going on, and the players didn't search the area before playing ding dong ditch again.

The players decided to remain hidden and see what happened.

What happened was that the orcs, concerned about all the, you know, slaughter, went to summon the boss, as well as every other orc that they could find along the way.

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Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 5 

The party was quickly found by the entering orcs, but I was nice and decided to have the enemies enter in waves. The party took some lumps but held their own, and then the boss, and ogre, came into the room.

The monk, unable to get close enough to the ogre to punch him, decided to throw his trusty goblin corpse at him (why he was carrying around a goblin corpse is a complete other story).

Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 6 

The ogre found this both weird and insulting, so on his first move, he smacked the monk in the face with his greatclub. And crit. And then rolled near max damage. The monk was killed instantly, beyond the ability to be resurrected.

The party managed to finish cleaning up the enemies, and claimed great efficiency in killing everyone on the floor without having to leave the room.

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Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

They entombed the monk in one of the empty dwarven sarcophagi on the floor below, with his goblin corpse of course.

The monk's player had a good sense of humor about it, and re-rolled.

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Tales from D&D: Preview of Coming Attractions 

Next time: The story of how my players brought the concept of women's liberation to a troglodyte colony.

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Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison glad they had a sense of humor - I’ve had players in the past get very huffy that “they aren’t supposed to take damage.”

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@WilliamAdcock Luckily, my players are all old-school vets at D&D and there's not much I could do to make them righteously indignant. lol

I do try to be fair and realistic as to enemy actions, and if that means someone gets killed, someone gets killed.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison same here. In this instance, after being warned that a local baron was cruel, ruthless, and most likely a murderer, poisoner and trafficked with demons, the PCs went into his castle, took everything he said at face value, never sensed motive or detected evil, got poisoned and then ambushed by the baron and his summoned Shadow Demons.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@WilliamAdcock 😂​I always say that I don't kill my players, but if they're determined to get themselves killed, I won't stop them.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison to their credit they managed to squeak out of that encounter with about a dozen hit points between them.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@WilliamAdcock and everyone learned an important lesson (hopefully). lol

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison unfortunately the campaign imploded a few sessions after that due to clashing player personalities and there being, frankly, too many players at the table. I got texts from half the group within the span of a half hour announcing they were quitting because of someone else at the table.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison lesson learned on my part. My next D&D campaign is going to be more carefully curated.

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