Hi folks. I've been playing on and off for years. I currently DM a 3e game in person and play a paladin in a 5e game on roll20. Given my druthers, I prefer DMing to playing, but I haven't been doing it long - the game I'm DMing now is the first.

I do , and I print and paint all the minis we use in our game. I'm new to painting minis and always learning, but it's very relaxing and I enjoy it.

I'm glad to be here. :)

@Garrison hi, welcome and nice to meet you! I was actually considering getting started with painting some minis I've collected so far. What would you say an absolute beginner should definitely have? Also, any resources or how-tos you think are good?

@sissas I'm pretty new to painting myself, but this resource was recommended to me by someone good:

I've most just been trying things myself and having fun, lol. I'm not great at it, but my results are passable.

Paints I use:

Brushes I use:

I also got one of those round magnifying lights, which is EXTREMELY helpful.

Some of my "just trying things" paints attached :)

@Garrison Welcome! We have a great mix of players, gms, designers, role players, war gamers, and good old board game lovers in our happy little community. I hope you enjoy yourself!

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