me, watching little nicky for the first time: rodney dangerfield was still alive in 2000???

Every person on YouTube who does how-to videos about miniature painting needs to watch a how-to video about recording good audio.

niche group commentary, speedrunning community example 

Ah, my favorite part of getting a haircut: coming to work and hearing every random person tell me "you got a haircut!"


Mythbusters quote 

Mythbusters quote 

Pretty much done.

The unfortunate thing is that the right hand is kinda just a round blob due to some clumsy fixes I did with super glue. It looks good other than that though.

Mythbusters quote 

Mythbusters quote 

Really weird layer lines of varying intensity in these walls from the same batch

Hall of fame baseball umpire Bill Klem was once shown photographic evidence that an out call he'd made in a game was incorrect. His response was "He was out because I SAID he was out."

No other quote better illustrates the prerogative of the DM.

Quotes from : [looking around the corner with a mirror on a stick] "Wait a minute... Do vampires have reflections?"

I haven't painted as mini in a while, so fuck it, let's paint a mini.


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