3D printing 

i think my next project is gonna be to learn how to print with ABS, so I can make tougher parts

declaring my etsy store to be an essential business

i'm about to attempt to install a second z rod onto my 3d printer, wish me luck

still not perfect, but, after much pain and suffering, WOW has it gotten a lot better.

re: etsy store 

Stringing has once again reared its ugly head, and I'm not sure what's going on

COVID-19, 3D printers needed + 

getting a friend who's much smarter and more technically inclined than me into 3D printing so that I can get his advice: paying off

taking the time to try to exactly calibrate the Z probe offset on my

Latest additions to my : a far too long and elaborate webcam arm so that I can get better angles for remote viewing, and a filament sensor that will automatically pause the print when my current filament spool is almost empty.

Me: They don't seem to understand you. They answer you in a language you recognize as draconic.

Player: Uh, I try to convince them that I speak draconic.

Me: ..... Okay, roll deception.

Player: *rolls* 27!

Me: ... Okay... They believe you speak draconic. Now what?

Player: ................................................................

I have started a new "main" account at @Garrison so that I can stick to using this account for TTRPG and 3D printing stuff.

My octodon account will be more for diary/miscellaneous-type posts.

Feel free to follow!

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