Today I had the dumb (?) idea of somehow rigging my 3D printer filament spool so that it's hanging from a fish scale so that I could constantly keep track of how much filament I'm using and have left by weight.

if anyone is on telegram and wants to be able to spy through my 3D printer monitoring webcam and see what it's up to, DM me, i have a bot. lol

quotes from D&D 

"im not *im*moral. i'm *a*moral."

Amazing how much better a 3D printer prints when you take the time to level the x axis properly 😑

vampire the masquerade, spreadsheets 

someone: you could just look that up when you need to. or memorize it. you don't need to put it in a spreadsheet.


one thing i love about sitting down to actually write a character is that they often turn out very differently from how i first envisioned them

lesson i apparently have to learn over and over again: if i cheap out on replacement parts for my 3D printer, it will just be a huge disaster until i buy quality parts again.

Have I finally found the Perfect Mounting Solution for my 3D printer monitoring webcam? Who can say?

you know what, this is valid for character creation too. why did you leave your homeland? maybe you (the player) don't know yet! some cool idea might come up during gameplay!

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TTRPG worldbuilding strategies: make something mysterious, but don't make up an explanation to the mystery yet. i can come up with something cool if the players decide to explore it, possibly even something relevant to the story so far

one of our players is a huge twilight fan, so i really need to find ways of working in references.

but without having to read twilight.

because fuck that.

(i'm already setting the game in seattle just because of that 😅​)

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Doing a session zero for character creation for our Vampire the Masquerade game tomorrow, I'm so excited! XD

Imagery of wounds and blood, not very graphic 

Four zombies, 3D printed and painted by me for a commission for my Etsy store.

So I got a commission to create a dice tower based on the Ghostbusters firehouse for 3d printing. Was a really fun project so if anyone else wants something similar hit me up!

Four goblin fighters, 3D printed and painted by me for a commission on my Etsy store.

The half a spider I accidentally 3D printed actually came out looking pretty creepy

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