This human paladin mini 3D printed with a mangled forearm, so I just glued his sword to his elbow. If you think that makes him any worse at fighting, cash him outside.

My 3D scanner is kinda disappointing so far.

It looks like I made Bender out of Play-Doh.

My general stance in is that no argument about rules lasts longer than 60 seconds before I cut it off and just make something up.

putting googly eyes on my enemy minis to make them look less threatening

self-promotion, TTRPG minis 

the finished product (and i hope this is a good enough photo for @Juju )

(I don't know anything about gloomhaven, but she loves it apparently and she told me this would be handy)

trying once again to print with the cheap-ass black filament I got on eBay and see if it clogs or not

Before : It's just not worth getting a giant mini for just one encounter.

After 3D Printing: *evil laugh*

My print was 68% done when I checked on it this morning and going strong. Godspeed while I'm at work.

DM kvetching 3/2 

DM kvetching 2/2 

DM kvetching 1/2 

Just started a 20+ hour print, hopefully the gods of are with me.

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