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With my 3D printer finally up and running and reliable, I re-activated the custom order option on my Etsy shop. Check it out if you're in the market for a mini at a good price.

"The Disaster Artist," except it's about me making 3D prints

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After I finish with Obligations, I really need to learn how to print with ABS so I can replace the PLA-printed printer components that keep sagging in the heat of the garage and going out of alignment.

I still have some cleanup to do on these guys, but I'm finally almost able to fill my only outstanding Etsy order, and they've been very patient with my persnickety constantly-breaking printer.

what to do when a mini 3D print halts prematurely, without a head? well, i had a dumb idea.

I dunno who needs to hear this, but 

Rolling a natural 20 doesn't mean you get to do something impossible

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+10 for the good review, -1 for grammar and spelling

3D printing 

The internet: the ideal bed temperature for ABS is 110 degrees Celsius.

Me: Holy shit is that even possible???

Side note: PLA has no scent that I can detect, but ABS smells FOUL

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Test print in PLA vs the same test print in ABS.

I got some work to do.

3D printing 

In case you're wondering how to bypass your filament sensor with minimal effort: guess what, losers, we're NEVER running out of filament!

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3D printing 

ABS filament, as it turns out (at least the kind I have), is more brittle then PLA, and my current setup isn't smooth enough for it not to break. I'm taking the filament sensor out of the process (this spool is full anyway) and trying again.

Ultimately, I'll have to find a better, smoother setup.

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